Campus Center Policies

Henderson Campus Center Policies and Procedures

The Henderson Campus Center exists to create space on campus for intellectual, social, and moral growth of students of Allegheny College through a variety of means. Additionally, the building serves as: a programming space for a variety of events, often housing multiple events simultaneously; an intersection for a multiple publics that include Allegheny student population, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, parents of students, prospective students, the Meadville community, guests and outside performers; a gathering space for our community; a space for intellectual conversation and study to allow student’s academic life and curiosity to meld with their out of classroom experiences; a place for student expression. As students develop throughout their four years let this be a place they can explore their interests and express themselves. Through artwork, performance, organization, casual assembly, and the written word let them find this a place where they, and their thoughts, are welcome.

The following policies and practices were developed to ensure protection of these endeavors.

Alcohol at Events:
The Henderson Campus Center adheres to the Allegheny College Alcohol Policy found in the Compass student handbook. Alcoholic beverages will be allowed only during events in which students have registered or in which staff have received permission from their Allegheny Executive Committee officer.

Amplified Noise:
Henderson Campus Center has an adjoining location with academic departments and houses places of business and service. In addition, the space is designed to accommodate a variety of events that happen simultaneously. For this reason, amplified sound is not permitted until after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday due to business activity. Groups wishing to use amplified sound in meetings, programs, and activities on nights and weekends must be considerate of other users in the building. If asked to lower the sound level, please do so immediately. Groups scheduling space in the building may be asked to alter their plans to accommodate other events.

In accordance with Allegheny College policy as listed in the Compass student handbook, no pets or animals can enter Henderson Campus Center with the exception of service animals.

Rollerblades, skateboards, bikes, scooters, “things on wheels” are not permitted for use in the building.

Candles/Open Flame:
In accordance with Allegheny College policy as listed in the Compass student handbook, open flames such as candles or incense are not permitted.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Unattended children will be asked to leave for reasons of safety, in the case of a very young unattended child we will ask the assistance of Public Safety.

Display of Art:
The use of the building to exhibit student expression in a variety of forms is encouraged. If wishing to display any form of art in the building, please contact Student Life to reserve space. The building is a busy and frequently trafficked area so parameters for such displays are in existence for safety and programmatic reasons. Please be prepared to describe the project (including dimensions) if necessary. Modifications may be needed in the project to meet approval for display. Length of display is dependent on programmatic needs of the building.

Fire Policies:
Open flames such as candles or incense are not permitted at any time anywhere in the Campus Center.  All occupants are required to evacuate from the Campus Center in the event that the fire alarm sounds.  Individuals must refrain from tampering with or disabling fire safety equipment which includes but is not limited to discharging of fire extinguishers, taping over or disabling fire alarms, removing smoke detectors, etc.  Violations of fire safety policies are subject to disciplinary action including a fine of up to $500 and /or removal of room/space reservation privileges in the Campus Center.  Appeals of these fines may be submitted to the Office of Public Safety within ten (10) days of notification of the fine.

Outdoor Events Policy and Procedure:
For events located on the Henderson Campus Center lawn (Gator Quad) or patios, please consult the Outdoor Events Policy published in the Compass student handbook. Persons seeking to reserve the lawn, McKinley’s patio, or other surrounding areas to the Campus Center may note that events with amplified sound will not be approved weekdays until after 5:00 p.m., or during study days or exams. The organization is responsible for acquiring all necessary permits for the event including: closing a street, carnival license, special events permit. After submitting the outdoor event location request on Scheduler, a member of Leadership & Engagement will schedule a brief meeting to review event details and determine approval for your outdoor event.

Posting Policy:

  • Posting in the Campus Center is reserved for campus events or those sponsored by and with the Allegheny Community. Outside vendors are only permitted to advertise on the “I (Heart) Meadville” display rails located in the entryways to the Campus Center lobby and balcony.
  • Materials may not be taped or tacked on walls, doors, bathroom stalls, windows or other surfaces.
  • Posted materials should be respectful of the Allegheny College Statement of Community published in the Compass.
  • Promotional material should not make reference to alcoholic beverages, drinking contest or illicit drugs.


  • All posted materials should include contact information, sponsoring organization and date(s) of event.
  • Posted material may be displayed ten days prior to date of event.
  • To preserve the building and its materials, publicity banners hung on the main lobby or third floor balconies must be hung with plastic clips. If not found on balconies, these clips can be obtained from the Student Life Resource Room. Banners are to be removed when events are completed.
  • To enable equal representation, and space for all student organizations to publicize, static organization/club banners hung in the Campus Center are limited to 22″ wide and 36″ long.  Banners advertising events larger banners can be made for event advertisement per the approval of Leadership & Engagement.
  • Banners advertising a same day campus-wide event may be placed at the front of the Campus Center Lobby.


  • Posted materials must be contained to posting bars throughout the building. Taping of items in the building is not permitted. Damage done by unauthorized taped materials on surfaces will be billed to student organizations.
  • Fliers should not overlap or conceal other items; posting is on a first come, first served basis; publicity may be posted no more than 7-10 days prior to the event; posted material is to be limited to one flier per display rail (or set of two display rails); and all posted material must include contact information, sponsoring organization and date(s) of event.
  • Posters requiring easels or pole stands that are event driven with a college-wide impact may be displayed in the building two business days prior to the event in select locations, coordinated with Student Life. Posters advertising college-wide ticket sales may be displayed in the front of the lobby five days prior to the event. Contact Student Life for display coordination.

Other forms of publicity:

  • Chalking is permitted on Campus Center sidewalks exposed to the elements. Chalking is not permitted on walls, doors, building exteriors. Please remove chalked publicity following the event if it has not been dissolved by rain or snow.
  • Table Tents on Tables: May only be posted a week prior to an event. No more than two table tents, advertising separate events, may be on a table or flat surface at a time.
  • Display cases are available to promote organizations or upcoming events.
  • The front window of the Campus Center can be reserved for painted publicity. Reservations for “Balcony Windows” may be place via Windows may be painted a week prior to the event and must be cleaned within 24 hours after the event to avoid being assessed a $25.00 cleaning charge.

Please refer to the “Event Planning 101 (and Contracts)” resource link for ways to publicize and promote events at Allegheny College. The link can be found under the Student Organizations, Resources tab.

As a courtesy to your peers, please remove publicity following events!

General Scheduling:

  • Scheduling is on a first come, first served basis with reservations accepted for the upcoming academic year, beginning in April.
  • Space in the Henderson Campus Center is prioritized for college-affiliated use. Community organizations and other users are welcomed to reserve and pay for use of meeting spaces during college breaks. (Please contact Conference and Events Services to do so, 814-332-3101.) For events sponsored with student organizations or departments (i.e. fairs, academic conferences) community organizations may seek to reserve space during the academic year. Non-profit organizations through their sponsor have the ability to receive a discounted rental rate. Cosponsored reservations and nonprofit organizations must submit paper work verifying their status.
  • Individual or group study is permitted on a first come, first served basis. Spaces may not be reserved through Scheduler for this purpose. Holding a room by leaving items in the room, i.e. a book bag or laptop is not permitted. At least one person must remain in the room at all times. Items left behind will be confiscated by Student Life.
  • Due to the number of student organization and departmental meetings occurring in the Campus Center, semester-long academic classes are not permitted in the meeting rooms. Academic classes hosting a special presentation or outside speaker may reserve a room on Scheduler.
  • Henderson Campus Center staff reserve the right to deny space usage for any group/event that is programmatically or operationally unfeasible to accommodate or that conflicts with the College’s mission or policies.
  • Events held within the building drawing large attendance must be respectful of shared space and collaboration. within the community, please be conscious of the amplified noise policy.

The Henderson Campus Center adheres to the Allegheny College smoke free workplace policy found in The Compass student handbook, an excerpt is listed here: “…Smoking in any form is prohibited inside all nonresidential college owned or leased buildings, residence halls, and college-owned or rented vehicles. Smoking is also prohibited at all formal outdoor assemblies where people are in close proximity, including athletic events, commencement, and concerts. Smokers are also encouraged to take care that their outside smoking is not picked up through windows and air intakes.” Smoking: refers to all smoking methods, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, and water pipes. This policy also includes the McKinley’s and East patio locations.

Solicitation/Outside Vendors:
No unauthorized solicitation. Vendors wishing to display in the Campus Center should contact Student Life for scheduling. Credit Card vendors, telephone card, and cell phone companies will not be permitted space in the building. Vendors must execute a contract with Student Life to receive space in the Henderson Campus Center. Vendor agrees to accept all responsibility for the operation of the sale and for the security of their merchandise. The vendor will agree to pay 15% of total sales, which will be paid to the Sponsor at the end of the final day of sales. Allegheny College or the vendor can terminate the sale at any time. All financial arrangements would be completed upon such termination.

In accordance with the College’s policy on Solicitations, contacting community members in work areas either in person, in writing, by phone, or by electronic mail is prohibited. In addition, solicitation for any purpose, or to sell goods or services for personal benefit, is prohibited as a reservable event in the Campus Center, including meeting room or tabling reservations, or attendance at a college event. Organization fundraising is permitted. Tips are provided on the following link:

Student Organization Storage Space:
Spaces will be approved by Student Life based on an organization’s demonstration of need and if applicable, prior use of space. Storage space applications and assignment will occur in the spring semester of each year for the following academic year. The application for student organization storage space contains detailed information and can be found on the Leadership & Engagement web site.

Table Reservations:
Tables for on campus advertising or distribution of literature can be reserved on Scheduler. There are a limited number of tables for reserve in the Campus Center lobby and on Main Street.

Violation of Henderson Campus Center Policies:
Organizations or individuals responsible for violating a policy or policies of the Henderson Campus Center will be subject to loss of future privileges, charges for damage that may occur, and action through the college judicial system.

Creation and Administration of Campus Center Policies:
Student Life and Leadership & Engagement
Box H, 520 North Main Street, Meadville, PA 16335
Telephone 814-332-4356, Email