Maintaining ASG Recognition

Current Student Organizations: Ongoing ASG Recognition

ASG recognized organizations must elect their officers prior to the month of April, submit a budget packet during the appointed time (typically in March), and attend budget hearings in April to remain a current ASG organization. If not, organizations must reapply for recognition as a “new student organization.” Please note: ASG notifies organizations about budget processes via the information in the student organization database. ASG is not responsible for organizations that do not maintain current information. (ASG organizations who miss budget hearings should review the ASG Financial Policies to obtain budgets).

ASG bylaws concerning recognition:

Article V Recognition of Student Organizations
Recognition of an organization by ASG is prerequisite for the petitioning of the Committee of the Budget for funds from ASG or to use the name Allegheny College as part of an official title.
Section 1.B Chartering Procedure
1. Any organization will be recognized by ASG provided that:
a. A petition for its formation, signed by fifty (50) students of Allegheny College, is presented to the Attorney General.
b. A copy of its constitution is presented that contains:
i. the name of the organization
ii. the aims and objectives of the organization
iii. regulations relating to membership, eligibility and established quorum.
iv. provisions for the selection of officers and a means for impeachment.
v. the responsibilities of the officers
vi. detailed provisions for the exercise of financial control
c. Within two weeks the Rules Committee will submit copies of the proposed constitution to the ASG Senate with its recommendations for action. Recognition will require a 2/3 majority vote of ASG Senate present at 2 (two) consecutive meetings.
2. All organizations’ constitutional amendments will be submitted to the ASG Rules Committee for review. The decision of the Rules Committee will be approved by the ASG Senate (by 2/3 majority vote of members present). The Attorney General will notify ASG Senate of all decisions regarding organizations’ constitutional amendments.
3. The recognition of an organization may be withdrawn by a 2/3 majority vote of ASG Senate present at 2 (two) consecutive meetings.
4. Organizational budgets will be made from ASG funds in accordance with criteria agreed upon by ASG as laid down in the Financial Policies of ASG.
5. Any alleged violations of ASG recognized organizations constitutions, the ASG Constitution, ASG By-Laws, State laws and/or College policies will be reported to the College Judicial Board for investigation and disposition.
Section 2 Requirements
A. ASG-recognized organizations will be open to all students without respect to sex, race, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or ability/disability.
1. Exclusion based on immutable characteristics is defined as discrimination.
2. Officers of ASG recognized organizations must be members of the Allegheny College community.
3. Organizations are required to have a faculty or administrative staff advisor.
4. Organizations must have an officer designated as a liaison between the organization and ASG.
5. All organizations must hold officer elections prior to the month of April. Each organization is responsible for notifying ASG of their newly elected officers.
Organizations currently recognized by ASG must meet the above conditions prior to requesting a budget for any future academic year.