Student Conduct Policies related to Student Organizations

Located in The Compass Student Handbook

ARTICLE V: Organizational Conduct
A. Upon recognition by the College, student organizations become responsible for acting in accordance with College policies and all other applicable College regulations. The College may take action when the behavior of the members of a student organization violates College policy. Both individual and organizational disciplinary action may be pursued for the same conduct.

B. Student organizations may be held responsible for the acts of individual members when some of its members act together or when the members are acting on behalf of the organization. These acts include, but are not limited to, the following categories:

  • When a member is in violation of College policy and other members are present, by failing to discourage such activity, tacitly condone the violation;
  • When the violation is directly related to the organization’s activities or an environment created by the organization.

C. Alleged violations will be adjudicated as outlined in Article IV of this process.

D. The following sanctions may be imposed upon student organizations found to have violated College policy:

  • The sanctions of Warning and Probation plus other Educational Sanctions as outlined in Article VI of this process;
  • Deactivation which entails loss of privileges, including College recognition and funding, for a specified period of time.

E. Fraternities and sororities must follow all provisions of the “Allegheny College Greek Supplement” located at Any violation of these policies may be enforced under College Policy #19, prohibiting the violation of other published College policies.

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