T-Shirts: Design Tips & Vendors

Design Tips: 

  • Keep the number of fonts limited.
  • Computer generated, and hand-drawn, graphics to be scanned and saved at high resolution.
  • All t-shirt designs MUST be approved through Marketing and Communications (marcom@allegheny.edu) before purchase approval.
  • Once approved, then communicate with the company you have chosen for best design format, and delivery of graphic. The company MUST be an approved vendor through Allegheny. You can find your options at this link.
  • Have a second person proof your design.
    • Are there any misspellings or grammatical errors?
    • Is “Allegheny College” somewhere on the shirt?
    • Is your organization(s) name included?
    • Is there a relevant date(s)?
    • Would someone from the general public understand your shirt?
    • Does the design reflect well upon your group and the college?

Save Money! 

  • Pre-Plan: Order your shirts in advance to avoid rush charges.
  • Limit Colors: Fewer colors require fewer screen set-ups and less time to print.
  • Limit Printing Areas: Each vendor incurs additional screen and printing charges.
  • Color of T-Shirt Matters: Order white or light colored t-shirts. Printing on dark shirts often requires printing a white “underlay” to avoid the dark t-shirt color bleeding through the design.
  • Quantity: Ordering in larger quantities will reduce the per t-shirt price.
  • Quality: Do not compromise on quality, always order 100% cotton, and purchase brand name, heavyweight t-shirts.


All purchases for Allegheny branding must go through approved licensed vendors with the college and be pre-approved through Marketing and Communications before purchased (licensing@allegheny.edu). You can find a list of the available vendors on Marketing and Communications web page.