Time Management

“Everyone has 24 hours each day and 168 hours each week to eat, sleep, work, relax, exercise, attend class, and study…Unlike high school, college requires students to spend much more time studying outside of class.” (Muskingum College – CAL)


How can I manage all the things in my life?

  • Don’t let others make decisions for you — be proactive.
  • Make sure your goals are realistic.
  • Don’t do busy work in order to “feel” productive.
  • Use your planner or calendar to note the times of the semester when assignments, papers, or tests are due and plan other activities lightly during those times.

Make yourself a non-procrastination plan:

  • Make a schedule with specific times for completing tasks.
  • Reevaluate your priorities — if school isn’t your first priority, don’t expect to get top grades.
  • Mix things that you like to do and things you don’t particularly enjoy. Alternating between them helps keep you motivated and working hard.
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin — make sure important projects receive the attention they need.
  • Reward yourself! When you complete a task, allow yourself a snack, short break, etc.

But how can I avoid procrastination?

  • Set goals carefully and then post them somewhere to remind you constantly — mirror, door, notebook, etc.
  • Make sure your environment isn’t distracting. Your bed is for sleeping, not homework. TV and video games are not helping you solve math problems.
  • Try a quiet place on campus like the Pelletier Library, etc., etc.

Time Management Tools

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