Subject Consulting / Tutoring

Subject area consultants/tutors hold regular hours in various academic buildings throughout the semester. Consultant / Tutor schedules are posted online, in the Learning Commons, and across campus. Subject consulting begins at the start of the second week of classes each semester.

Arrangements may be made for individual consultations if more intensive assistance is needed. Students interested in working with an individually assigned tutor must complete the consultant / tutor request form, which will begin accepting requests during the second week of the semester. Students interested in consultations / tutoring earlier in the semester should make use of the drop-in consultants until individual consultants become available.

If you have additional questions about individual subject consultations / tutoring, please contact the Learning Commons at (814) 332-2898, or

  • Individual tutors will connect with their tutees to arrange mutually agreeable times and modes of connecting. 
  • Students interested in utilizing drop-in tutoring for Arabic, Economics, French, Latin, or Physics should contact the Learning Commons by email ( or by telephone (814-332-2898) to be connected with a tutor.
  • Students interested in accessing tutoring in Math, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, or Psychology should contact their course professor.

Consultant / Tutor request form  – request to be matched with a subject tutor

Consultation / Tutor Support for Students Taking Chemistry

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