Handouts and Resources for Writers

General Tips on:

Paper organization tips

5 Tips For Effective Editing


5 Ways Writing Concise

An Eye Toward Revision

Writing an Effective Conclusion

Elements of critical thinking

Tips for Discipline-Specific Problems:

Writing a psychology paper

Tips for history papers

Tips for Handling Sentence-Level Problems:

Block Quotations


Subject-Verb agreement

Transitional words and phrases

Comma splices

Block Quotations

Fragment, Consider Revising

Unfortunately, what’s considered good writing changes. You can keep up here:


Additional Online Resources:

Purdue Online Writing Lab
Arguably the most trusted, go-to online resource for student writers, the Purdue Online Writing Lab (Commonly known as OWL) provides detailed guides on virtually every writing issue. Purdue also provides an extensive guide to “job writing” for those student writers who are on the job market.

Dartmouth Writing Center
The Dartmouth Writing Center offers a wide variety of clear, useful handouts and guides for writing in a number of specific disciplines or modes. Visit this online resource for specific help with writing in the sciences, social sciences, humanities. The DWC also provides information to help students writing personal statements or job applications.

Harvard Writing Center
Like Dartmouth, the Harvard Writing Center provides online access to helpful tips on a variety of topics, including How to Read an Assignment, How to do a Close Reading, and Writing Summaries.

Dave’s ESL Cafe
Dave’s ESL Cafe offers a comprehensive range of resources for ESL teachers and students. Click on the Stuff for Students link to access quizzes, forums, grammar guides, and Dave’s “Hint of the Day.”

Daily Grammar 
The Daily Grammar is a free, online collection of over 500 grammar lessons and quizzes. Use these lessons to master tricky grammar rules, work on issues identified by your professors, or to practice with your match.