James Fadden

New LITS Home Page

Please check out the new LITS home page at sites.allegheny.edu/lits.  It is our attempt to bring the most used pages to the top level of our web site.  As you begin to use the site and have feedback that you would like to share, please do so by emailing the InfoDesk at infodesk@allegheny.edu.

Morning Printing Issue Resolved

Updated Post:

This morning just before 9:00am members of the community started to report an inability to print.  As the issue was investigated system administrators found the issue was an error with the spooler.  The PaperCut server was restarted and the errors cleared.  Initial tests show normal printing functionality was restored before 9:30am.

Should you find an inability to print at this point, please treat it as a new issue and contact the InfoDesk or create a ticket with Web Help Desk.

Original post:

System Administrators are investigating  a disruption to campus printing that was reported earlier this morning.  As details are learned updates with be provide in this post. Thank you for your patience as the team addresses this issue.

Monitoring Connection to the Internet

Connection to the Internet was disrupted this afternoon for approximately 45 minutes on on 11/ 29 starting about 3:15pm.

The internet provider reported that the issue causing the disruption was resolved at 5:15pm.

System administrators are monitoring the situation in case of additional problems.

Increase in Phishing Attempts

The InfoDesk received reports of several new phishing attempts and email scams.   Please be alert to such messages you receive particularly when you are not expecting the message, the message is worded oddly, or  request fast action unnecessarily.  Those are all typical signs of phishing or email scam.


For more suggestions on identifying phishing attempts and other email scams, please review the Is It Phishing page on the LITS website.   

Should you receive a message that is suspect it is always wise to report the message as spam in Gmail.

Armstrong Cable Maintenance

On Thursday morning at 7:00am,  Armstrong Cable will perform work on the system related to how they manage the College’s account.  The work is going to cause a brief disruption in service as the changes are made.  Normal service is expected to be restored before 8:00am.

Report of Printing Issues

Reports of printing issues resulted in the system administrator needing to reboot the PaperCut print server.  The reboot cirrecorr a mild disruption experienced with printing.  It is believed that the restart corrected thetissue and normal function returned after the system has restarted.  If you notice continuing issues please report them using webhelp@allegheny.edu or calling the InfoDesk.

Manuscript from Special Collections

As part of a grant from the Council of Independent Colleges and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, materials from Allegheny’s Special Collections, the Merrick Archives and the Department of Art are being digitized and made available for the public through JSTOR Forum.  A manuscript of Egyptian hieroglyphics written by James Winthrop and housed in Special Collections is currently featured in the Artstor blog. You can find the blog post online at: https://artstor.blog/2018/10/30/open-access-an-early-guide-to-hieroglyphics/

Mitel Phone Installers on Campus Today

Today (10/29) Mitel technicians started installing the new phones in buildings scheduled to migrate to the new phone system tomorrow.  They are caring ID cards if there are questions of who they are.  It will take only a few moments per office to install a phone and your flexibility is appreciated.  The complete installation scheduled is as follows.  


Buildings Scheduled

  • 454 House
  • Quigley Hall
  • Arter Hall
  • Doane Hall of Chemistry
  • Steffee Hall of Life Sciences


Buildings Scheduled

  • Tippie Alumni Center
  • Murray Hall
  • Montgomery Gym
  • Alden Hall
  • Vukovich Center
  • Carr Hall 

Set Up VoiceMail

Once the phone is on your desk, you should set up your voicemail by pressing the voicemail button  on your phone entering the default pin code, and following the tutorial. 


Buildings Scheduled

  • Newton Observatory
  • Schultz Hal
  • Brooks Hall
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Ruter Hall
  • Odd Fellows Hall


Buildings Scheduled

  • Campus Center
  • Arnold Hall
  • Doane Hall of Art
  • Robertson Athletic Fields
  • Wise Center  

Should the technicians need extra time, they will use Friday, November 2 to complete their work.  Please contact James Fadden by email should you have questions about the installations or how the rest of campus will migrate to the new phone system.

Off-campus access issues

The library is aware there are problems accessing databases, e-journals, and e-books off-campus. We are trying to identify and fix the source of the problem.

There are no issues with on-campus access to our online materials. We will update the blog when off-campus access has been restored.