Power Outage 7/24/2018

Yesterday’s power outage may have caused a brief disruption of connectivity in the 454 House. Network configuration was restored within an hour. No known connectivity issues existed noticable to staff or students. Please report any problems connecting to the internet to the Info Desk at 3768 as normal.

Fun Friday 6/8 Cancelled

Fun Friday 6/8 will be cancelled due to staff unavailability for a Friday afternoon retreat. Murray 117 will be available again on 6/15 for collaboration, brainstorming, and problem solving. Fun Friday is available to all who can make it every Friday at 3pm, with the understanding that if there is a large group, we can not assure you of dedicated work time with a member of ITS.

First Fun Friday (May) – Cancelled

First Fun Friday will not be held tomorrow May 4th. Please let us know if you are interested in any future technology topics for the summer and beyond.

Fun Friday (as always, every week) will be held in Murray 117 at 3pm. Please feel free to pop in with your questions and projects. We have computers available and an assortment of people available to brainstorm, solve problems or spark ideas.

Informer Resolved

Informer issues seem to have been resolved. We continue to monitor the system for recurrence of the problems from yesterday. Please report any outages to the Info Desk at x3768. Thank you.

Informer issues (update)

Informer continues to work intermittently. LITS has been tracking the problem throughout the day to try to resolve the issue. Please stay tuned for updates as we are able to provide them.

Informer restored

Informer is fully restored. Thank you for your patience!

Informer not responding

Members of LITS are tracking down a problem with Informer. The login page is currently unreachable.

We are optimistic that this will be resolved shortly.

Wufoo Transition to Google Forms

With the maturity of the Google Forms platform to develop and design web forms, we are retiring Wufoo as an active tool for general campus use by May 1, 2018.

Forms that are embedded within critical website or marketing, as well as forms used for payment processing will continue to exist in Wufoo. In addition, Wufoo forms centrally managed by College Relations or ITS may continue to exist where it makes the most sense to continue existing practice.

Google’s form tool improves on Wufoo with the following features:
– Easier to share and securely manage results directly in a live spreadsheet.
– Better mobile user experience
– More robust file storage for collecting attached files
– Unlimited notifications for new entries
– Simpler transition of form ownership to others on campus

Most users have already been contacted and have either migrated already or are working with ITS to complete their migration. For forms that continue to exist on Wufoo, LITS recommends against long term storage of data and file uploads on the Wufoo site. If you are not already working with LITS to transition your forms or have other questions, please submit a support ticket with details at webhelp.allegheny.edu.

Using Google Forms – First Fun Friday 3/2

LITS will be hosting the next in the monthly series of “First Fun Fridays” on 3/2 at 2pm in Murray Hall 117. The topic will be Using Google Forms. Attendance is open, however a response indicating you plan to attend (to Jason Ramsey) is much appreciated so we can get a rough sense of the audience. First Fun Fridays topics are geared towards administration and staff, however faculty are most welcome as well!

As always, LITS hosts the regular weekly Fun Friday at 3 in Murray 117. Feel free to bring questions or projects to Enterprise Services for us to work and solve problems together. No question too great or too small!

Count Day Completed

Colleague is now available for general campus use again as of the evening 1/30/2018. Thank you!