Jason Ramsey

VPN Issues – Armstrong Cable

For individuals connecting to college resources via VPN, LITS has determined that intermittent errors or failures on login are happening for customers of Armstrong Cable.  Armstrong has been notified of the situation.  The issue is also happening to other VPNs.  Please continue to attempt to connect until successful.

LITS is reviewing alternatives for access to Ellucian Colleague, should the issues persist or degrade further.

Fun Friday 12/6 Cancelled

Enterprise Services’ open office hours in Murray on Fridays is cancelled on Friday 12/6 due to vacations and conferences.  We will continue to offer Fun Friday from 3pm-5pm on Fridays as an option to interested staff, faculty and administration who wish to learn more about things like Colleague and reporting or working through business problems that could use a technical solution.

Network issue (update)

The core network issue related to this outage has been resolved.  Enterprise Services is working to restore individual services as quickly as possible.  We expect resolution in most cases within the next hour or so.

Network issue affecting college systems

LITS is working to resolve a network issue that is interfering with many college systems Saturday morning.  Major affected systems (may either be inaccessible or partially functioning, depending on system) are:

Ability to log in to the wireless network
Door Access (in a few locations)
Colleague UI (not core database server)
Bookstore Services

This is not an exhaustive list.  There may be other services affected by this outage not listed here.

Colleague Sign-In Issue

Colleague users accessing UI via their web browser are unable to login.  LITS is investigating the problem and will remediate or update as soon as possible.  WebAdvisor and Informer are functioning normally.

Colleague Count Day – Tuesday 9/10

Colleague will be inaccessible Tuesday September 9/10 for the Fall Count.  Individuals and departments that participate in the count process will continue to be able to access Colleague or in situations where special accommodations have been made.

WebAdvisor and Informer will function as normal.

Widespread Google Outages

Google is confirming widespread outages across most of its services starting at roughly 3-3:30pm EDT, related to high levels of network congestion in the eastern US.  For more information about the outage, please visit Google’s System Status page here:


or read this summary link on CNet:


Allegheny’s internet connectivity is functioning normally.