Count Day Completed

Colleague is now available for general campus use again as of the evening 1/30/2018. Thank you!

First Fun Friday – Google File Stream

ITS is pleased to invite interested folks to the next Fun Friday at 2 p.m. on Friday, February 2nd, to discuss the replacement for Google Drive sync, Google File Stream. First Fun Friday is held in the Murray Classroom (Murray 117). Members of User Services and Enterprise Services will be present to discuss or answer any questions. Discussion will include file management best practices and file security. There may also be discussion about recent changes to Google Calendar, time permitting. Attendance is open, however there are limited seats so RSVP is welcomed. Please contact Jason Ramsey in Enterprise Services if you are planning on attending.

In keeping with the “Groundhog Day” theme, this session replaces the recently ice-storm cancelled January class.

Count Day Tuesday 1/30

Tuesday 1/30 is Count Day, the college’s census. For reporting and accounting reasons, it is important to freeze the college’s system (Colleague) to give administrative departments the opportunity to verify accuracy across student records. The group of administrators that oversees the count process (such as the Registrar, Dean of Students, and Finance) have requested that Colleague be unavailable to campus that day. WebAdvisor and Informer (self-service and reporting) will remain available for general use by students, faculty and staff.

In the past, there has been a window of time where Colleague was available for general use in the morning. However, this year, in order to improve turn around time and efficiency, we are disabling access to Colleague after the close of business on Monday 1/29, so that the count process can proceed faster. Individuals who require access to data found in Colleague should use WebAdvisor or Informer to find the information they are looking for. Please contact LITS via if you have specific needs that can not currently be met.

We anticipate Colleague will be available at the start of business Wednesday 1/31. Thank you for your attention!

(Second) First Fun Friday

The holiday hangover got the best of ITS and we have chosen to delay our regularly scheduled “First Fun Friday” tomorrow 1/5/2018 until next week.

However, consider this an early announcement that on the Second Fun Friday in January, we will be going over the changes to Google file sync (Google File Stream) as well as changes to Google Calendar (time permitting).

Colleague UI 5.4 Update

Hi folks,

The newest version of Colleague UI (5.4) is now installed in our Production environment. It can still be accessed on campus at

Please clear your cached images and files before accessing the new UI, or things will look weird. You can follow the instructions below for Chrome, but you only need to clear cached images and files. If you are having trouble clearing your cache, please contact the InfoDesk at x3768, or enter a WebHelp ticket.

This update resolves 127 change requests and we believe it to have resolved all outstanding bug reports internally. Performance has also improved as well as some enhanced navigation (most notably the row forward/reverse bar has been moved out of the way to the top of the screen.)

UI 4 is still available for individuals who find issues running the new UI, but it is not supported by the upcoming Windows 10 and will be retired in 2018.

Current and new testers should report issues to Enterprise Services via a WebHelp ticket. Thank you for your diligent testing!

Chrome Cache Clearing:

First Fun Friday–Spreadsheets for Slackers: 11/3

Being asked to do more and more advanced things with data? Feeling like in this day and age, there has to be a better way? ITS will have a workshop discussing spreadsheet formulas on Friday, November 3, from 2 to 3 p.m. in Murray 117. This is part of its ongoing First Fun Friday training series. Our goal is to discuss pivot tables and VLOOKUP, after which you’ll be making your spreadsheets do the work, instead of the other way around. Please let us know if you plan to attend by contacting Jason Ramsey in ITS (Enterprise Services), but RSVP is not required.

Scheduler/EMS Upgrade

Scheduler and EMS will be unavailable Wednesday, November 1, starting at noon. The system will be down all afternoon and possibly into Thursday. Please plan around this time period when requesting and approving spaces.