Planned Network Outage

LITS will be conducting rolling restarts of network equipment around campus from 9:30pm to roughly 10:30pm this evening.  This will result in loss of internet access lasting no more than 10 minutes at a time for those affected.

Printing will be unavailable campus-wide Wednesday 1/9 from 9am to 10am, in order to perform a system upgrade.  Thank you for your patience.

A recent phishing attempt on campus from the Provost requesting gift cards is a good reminder to the campus community to be skeptical of any email that comes in appearing to be from someone requesting money or valuables transferred to them.  If in doubt, it is wise to use an alternate means of communication to confirm, either a phone call or other response you initiate on your own.

Receipt of today’s email does not indicate that your account or password has been compromised in anyway.  LITS always encourages safe account practices and would encourage you to visit the LITS website to change your password, if you ever feel that your account credentials have been compromised.  In addition, two-factor authentication is an added layer of protection against this possibility.

Phishing can be reported to Google by clicking the triple dot options button on the email, and choosing “Report Phishing”.  Deleting the email is also appropriate.  If you responded to the email, report any further communication related to your response as phishing and do not respond further.

Allegheny has experienced two internet outages in the past week as a result of related maintenance by our upstream internet provider, including a 45 minute outage today.  We are working with our provider to understand the nature of the problems and assure that our redundant internet connection is working to the fullest extent possible to prevent similar maintenance related issues in the future.

Staff and administrators using the latest version of Colleague (Ellucian Colleague, Datatel) will notice a slight interface change the first time you log in starting Tuesday evening.  As part of the upgrade (from UI 5.4 to UI 5.7), you may need to clear your browser cache if the screens do not navigate correctly after you log in.

If you are still using UI 4.5 (appears in a pop-up window or via the shortcut link on the desktop), please consider switching to UI 5, accessible on-campus at  In the next month LITS will be removing the old shortcut and then working with individuals who continue to use UI 4.5.  The upgrade from 5.4 to 5.7 incorporates a considerable amount of fixes and enhancement requests, resolving a lot of outstanding issues.

See the short video below to learn more about the new interface.


The college’s internet provider is conducting maintenance that may affect internet connectivity between the window of 12am and 6am, Friday November 2nd.  We are working with our provider to reduce the possibility of an outage as much as possible.  Connectivity may be intermittent or down while this maintenance is taking place during the 6 hour window.

As part of ongoing network improvements, LITS plans to test a failover to our backup internet connection at 6pm Monday October 8th.  We do not anticipate an outage as a result of this test, but if one does occur, it will result in a complete loss of internet access campuswide, possibly intermittently or repeatedly until 7pm.

Once the test is complete, we will restore to our previous configuration.




Because of continued illnesses and absences, we can not promise LITS participation in Fun Friday, Friday afternoon 9/21 in Murray 117.  However, the room will be open for collaboration or if people would like to work together with or without LITS participation.

We anticipate that Fun Friday will be more fully attended by LITS personnel able to brainstorm, assist with thinking through problems, solving issues, etc.  It is an important event to us and we hope to continue it long into the future!

Today’s Fun Friday is cancelled due to absences and residual work on Count and the new Data Warehouse.  Apologies to folks who were hoping to catch us.

Administrators involved in the count process and LITS have been able to complete the portion of work in Colleague necessary to allow the freeze to be lifted and create the cloned copy for institutional reporting.  Colleague is available for general campus use again.  Thank you for your patience as we complete this process.