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Tech Tip Tuesday: Managing Multiple Google Accounts

The widely used Google Chrome browser allows you to be signed into multiple Google accounts at once, which will conveniently allow you to switch between accounts without signing out and back in again.

For multiple sites and services used by the college, however, it’s important to make sure that you’re accessing these sites with your Allegheny Google account, and not a personal one.

For example, when joining a Google Meet video call, it’s important to join the call with your Allegheny account. (Most Google applications will indicate which account you are using.)

If the displayed account is not your Allegheny account – click on your account icon, and select your Allegheny account, or Add another account.

Questions or Concerns? Please send us an email at

Tech Tip Tuesday: Include Yourself in Tiled View in Google Meet

Would you like to see yourself among the participants of your Google Meet call? Follow the steps below to try it out!

  1. Enable Tiled View by clicking the More (3 vertical dots) button from the bottom right  of the window and select Change Layout.

  2. Select Tiled.
  3. From the top-right corner of the screen, hover over your Google Account profile icon, and click the grid icon.

    You should now see yourself as a tile along with the other participants!

Tech Tip Tuesday: Link Previews and Smart Compose for Google Docs Mobile

Announced earlier this month from the G Suite Updates blog, two new features have been recently added to the Android and iOS Google Docs app: link previews and smart compose. These features were previously available on the web version of Google Docs, and are now available for mobile.

With link previews, when you click on a link in Docs, information about the content will appear. This can include the title, description, and thumbnail images.

Smart compose can help you write faster and also reduce the chance of spelling and grammatical errors. Smart compose will show suggestions as you type, and you can swipe to the right to accept those suggestions.

For more information, see the original announcement from the G Suite Updates Blog.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Google Chat Replacing Classic Hangouts

Starting Wednesday, August 19th, Google Chat will become the default chat application for Allegheny, replacing all of the classic Google Hangouts apps and appearing in Gmail. All classic Hangouts applications will be disabled (except, and users will be directed to go to or download the Chat mobile app.

Chat in Gmail

This change will help to prevent the possibility of missed messages in the event of some people using the classic Google Hangouts and others using Google Chat.

After Google Chat has been changed to be the default chat application for Allegheny, The classic Hangouts bot will be available, and can notify users of unread Classic group messages.

If you have any questions or concerns about this upcoming change, please reach out to us at

Tech Tip Tuesday: Zoom Meetings for Education Training

If you’re a faculty member and plan on using Zoom Meetings for your classes this upcoming semester, the Zoom Meetings for Education Training may be helpful to you.

This 45 minute, recorded live training demonstrates best practices and how to schedule, join, and host meetings – and explores the in-meeting tools available to you in Zoom. The training is focused on using Zoom Meetings in a classroom setting.

LITS has also compiled a list of Zoom Tutorials and training resources available to the community.

If you have any questions regarding Zoom Meetings, we encourage you to contact the InfoDesk by email at

Tech Tip Tuesday: Have Your Calendar’s Daily Agenda Emailed to You

Do you check your calendar first thing at the start of your day? To help save time, you can have your Google Calendar’s daily tasks and events emailed to you!

All it takes to configure this is a settings change in Google Calendar:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Go to Settings by clicking the icon in the top-right of the page.
  3. From the menu on the left,under Settings for my calendars, click to select the calendar for which you would like to receive the daily agenda.
  4. Scroll down to the Other notifications section.
  5. Change the setting for Daily Agenda to Email.

Recent Phishing Attempts

Reports of a phishing attempt were brought to the attention of LITS by several in the Allegheny community. The message claimed to be coming from a member of the Athletics & Recreation department. 

This is a good reminder to be cautious when receiving unexpected emails.

If you get a message you think is phishing/spam you should:  

  1. Not click on links in the message.
  2. Follow up by other means.  
  3. Report it as spam/phishing in Gmail.

Please do not hesitate to contact the InfoDesk at to report phishing attempts or obtain more information.

LITS always encourages safe account practices and would encourage you to visit the LITS website to change your password if you ever feel that your account credentials have been compromised.  In addition, two-factor authentication is an added layer of protection against this possibility.

Tech Tip Tuesday – Polling for Zoom Meetings

Polling for Zoom Meetings is a feature which allows you to create either single or multiple choice questions for your attendees, and is available for your Allegheny Zoom account.

To start using polls, you’ll first need to enable the feature for your account by doing the following:

  1. Sign into Allegheny’s Zoom web portal at .
  2. From the menu at the left side of the screen, click Settings, then click In Meeting (Basic)
  3. Find the setting for Polling, and click the toggle switch to enable polling:



Polls can now be added to your Zoom meetings! To create one:

  1. From the Zoom web portal ( go to the Meetings menu. (If you do not have any meetings, you will need to create one first.)
  2. The Poll option is located at the bottom of the page, click Add to start creating the poll.
  3. Add a title and your first question.
  4. Add the answers to your question, and then click Save at the bottom.
  5. Click Add a Question if you would like to add additional ones.

(Multiple polls can also be added!)

You will now see Polls in the meeting controls of your Zoom meeting, and you can click Polls to launch the poll.

For more information, see Polling for Meetings in the Zoom Help Center.


Tech Tip Tuesday – 3 Quick Ways to Speed up your Chromebook

Chromebook laptops require little maintenance, overall, but if your Chromebook is starting to slow down – try some of these general tips to boost its performance:

Disable or uninstall unused extensions

Having too many active extensions can consume your Chromebook’s resources and harm its performance. To view the extensions you have installed, open a new tab and type chrome:extensions. Review each extension and consider if you truly need it. (If you’re unsure, you can disable the extension with the blue toggle switch, and re-enable it at a later time.)

Limit the amount of tabs you have open simultaneously

Having too many apps running and too many tabs open in Chrome is another common cause for sluggish performance. If you have open tabs that you would like to re-visit later, consider adding a bookmark.

Install available updates

As is true for other software and operating systems, updates contain new features, security patches, and performance improvements. Your Chromebook should prompt you when it needs to update – but if you’d like to manually check if updates are available: open SettingsAbout ChromeOS, and click “Check for Updates.”

These are only a few ways to help improve performance, but if you’re experiencing issues with your Chromebook and none of these tips were helpful – we encourage you to reach out to us at, and we’d be glad to help troubleshoot.

Tech Tip Tuesday – Education OnAir

Google for Education’s Education OnAir offers a collection of webinars and other digital events focused on using Google tools and applications for educators. Upcoming webinars here are free for registration, and a plethora of prior webinars are available for viewing.

Multiple series of past-recorded webinars are also available,  including:

  • Global Distance Learning
  • G Suite (in education)
  • Google Classroom
  • Professional Development
  • and more

What types of tech tips would you like to see more of in future posts? We’d love to hear your feedback! Contact us at