Matt McCrillis

Intermittent Issues Affecting Campus IT Services

Due to recent updates to our campus network infrastructure, members of the Allegheny community may be experiencing intermittent technical issues with some campus services as a result. LITS staff are aware of the issue and are actively working to address it.

If you are experiencing issues, please contact the InfoDesk.

UPDATE 6/6/2019: We believe that the technical issues have been resolved. If you are still experiencing connectivity issues, please contact the InfoDesk at x3768, or open a Web Help Desk ticket.

Tech Tip Tuesday – Team Drives Renamed Shared Drives

This week’s tech tip is sharing a recent change underway from Google. The “Team Drives” feature of Google Drive is being renamed to “shared drives.” This change will not impact the functionality of Team Drives, only the name.

Click here to read the original announcement from the G Suite Updates Blog, and consider signing up for product update email alerts at the bottom of the page!

Colleague UI Upgrade

The user interface used to access Colleague will be upgraded to the latest version, 5.9, on Monday June 3 at 6 a.m. Users should not need to clear their cache like in previous upgrades. Users will know that they are on the latest version if they see their username next to the Log Out button. The upgrade includes visual and performance improvements.

Informer License Expiring Message

Our college-wide Informer license is set to expire on 6/27/19. LITS is working to renew that license, but until we do a message will appear on the Informer login page with a countdown to expiry.

Users can ignore this message, and the message will no longer display as soon as we renew our license. Informer is not going away.

Tech Tip Tuesday – Identifying Phishing

Sometimes a phishing attack will attempt to impersonate someone that you know. Are you able to spot the difference between a legitimate and a phishing email?

Check out our LITS website to learn all about phishing. Also, if you missed the “Can you spot when you’re being phished?” Tech Tip Tuesday quiz that was posted back in March, be sure to take the quiz here! Lastly, check out this Gmail Help article for information on how to avoid and report phishing emails.

Google Drive File Stream on Mac OSX

Due to a recent update to Google Drive File Stream, Mac OS users may see the following error messages when trying to open the application:

Perform the following steps in order to allow Google Drive File Stream to work properly:

  1. Click Open Security Preferences. (Or, open System Preferences > Security Preferences.)
  2. In the Security and Privacy Menu, click the General tab.  Enable the radio button for “Allow apps downloaded from: App Store and Identified Developers.”

  3. Click the Privacy tab. Verify that Google Drive File Stream is listed under “Allow the apps below to control your computer,” and that the checkbox is enabled.  (You may need to click the padlock to make changes.)

  4. Exit and re-open File Stream. You should not receive the error messages.

Tech Tip Tuesday – Adding a File to Multiple Folders in Google Drive without Copying

Today’s tech tip is a useful keyboard shortcut for Google Drive!

Google Drive allows us to place any file inside one or more folders with having to create copies of that file. By doing this, organizing your Google Drive becomes easier, and editing the file inside one folder also updates all other instances of the file.

  1. Open Google Drive in your web browser.
  2. Select a file, and press Shift + Z . You will see an “Add to Folder” window appear.
  3. Next, select the folder where you want to add the selected file and click OK.

Re-registering Devices

Due to upcoming changes to the Allegheny wired network, students staying on campus over the summer may need to re-register their devices (such as computers and game systems), to gain network access after Tuesday May 14th.

To request network access for your game system:

  • Log on to using your Allegheny username and password.
  • Click on the Request button.
  • Select Student Issue -> Game System Registration -> Wired Connection as the Request type.
  • Provide the requested information. All fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • Click Save to send the information.
  • It can take up to a week to have a game system registered on the network.

Please click here for more information on Residence Hall Network Services.