PubMed full-text button will be removed.

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The link for Allegheny Full Text ‚Äčon the PubMed page will be removed. This link no longer provides access to the full text article or a direct link to Interlibrary Loan. Other vendor links for full text articles are still being provided. To find out if full text is available, copy and paste the article title into AggreGator. If the full text is available, the link will be provided. If the the article is “Online Citation”, the direct link to Interlibrary Loan will be provided.

Pelletier Library Undergraduate Research Awards

Attention Students: Announcing Pelletier Library Undergraduate Research Awards

As one of the many laboratories for student learning and exploration, Pelletier Library is offering research awards to celebrate excellence in the research process. Interested in learning more about the awards and how to apply? Get more information here.

Library Interface Update

Over the Winter Break, the Pelletier staff will retire Allecat and transition to a new library management system which uses an enhanced version of AggreGator as its interface for all services. All the services you use in Allecat will still be available to you on the new system, although there may be some disruption during the transition because of the complexity of the move. In particular, from January 2nd to the 14th, renewals and booking requests will be handled manually by the staff at the InfoDesk, while the online services to handle these tasks are being set up.

What does this mean for you on January 15th?

  • All of your current loans will still be checked out to you on the new system
  • You can still renew library materials online
  • To make your experience better, many loan rules have been simplified, and course reserve rules have been streamlined
  • Items you search for in AggreGator will look different than they did in Allecat, but they are all still there and more information is available about most resources than was available in Allecat
  • As with other online tools, you will use your Allegheny username and password to login to the AggreGator interface
  • Easy and clear linking to Interlibrary Loan for items we do not own

If you have any questions, please contact Aimee Reash.