Print Points

Students receive 3200 print points at the start of the semester to be used toward printing  and copying for that semester.

  • Print Points for the semester will be added on August 15th and January 9th for the fall and spring semester (respectively).
  • Print points not used by the end of the semester will roll over to the following semester.
  • Students can roll over a maximum of 4000 points between semesters.
  • Students can check their Print Point balance by signing into a public computer.  The PaperCut Client starts when one logs on to the computer.  The client provides easy access to one’s Print Point balance.
  • Students can purchase additional points in 1000 point bundles for a penny a piece – 1000 points for $10, 2000 points for $20, etc…
    • The addition of print points is a manual process conducted by the system administrator on receipt of purchase confirmation.  The points will be added week days and there is a 24 hour processing time.
    • Students with special circumstances can meet with the User Services Coordinator to petition for additional points at no additional charge.
  • When a student leaves the college – whether because of graduation or formal withdraw – remaining print points will be eliminated. Print Points are not eliminated when a student takes a leave of absence.

Associated Print Points for Copying and Printing

An image refers to a single printed side of a piece of paper. A page printed on two sides counts as two images. A page printed on only one side counts as one image.

3 points per image duplex B&W printing
4 points per image non-duplex B&W printing
9 points per image duplex color printing
10 points per image non-duplex color printing

Print Point Cost Per Page

Single-Sided — Black & White Double-Sided — Black & White Single-Sided — Color Double-Sided — Color
bw_simplex bw_duplex color_simplex color_duplex
4 Print Points 6 Print Points 10 Print Points 18 Print Points

Print Point Deduction

When printing from your personal computer or through the web interface print points are deducted when the print job is released.

When printing in a public lab print points are deducted as soon as the print job is submitted.

Print Points are deducted from the user that is currently logged on. If you wish to print a document that will be charged to the group’s printing balance, you must submit the job using the group’s username. This can be done directly from a public lab computer if you log on with your group’s username. If you log on to the computer with your own username and password, any print jobs will be charged to your account.