Residence Hall Network and Services

All residence halls are connected directly to the College network, allowing Internet access from their rooms via high-speed Ethernet (wired) and wireless connections. Cable TV and Phone service are also available from all campus housing. The combination of services is often referred to as ResNet by students and staff.


Use of the College network is a privilege.  Appropriate use of this communal resource is outlined in the appropriate use policy .

Internet Access

Students can connect to ResNet using either a wired or wireless connection.  Check out the Quick Reference Guide to learn more about connecting on campus and the technology services available from the residence hall network.

Wireless Connection – AC-Wireless is a secured wireless network that requires an Allegheny username and password. Configuration information for your device may be found here.

Wired Connection – Computers and game systems connecting with a wired connection must be registered to gain full network access.

  • One jack is live in each resident hall room.  Look for the -1 jack, additional jacks can be connected.  Please submit a WebHelpDesk ticket to request additional wired connections.
  • Most game systems do not have the necessary wireless protocols to connect to AC-Wireless.  Games systems are supported on the wired network.
  • You will need a network patch cable to connect your computer to a working room wall network jack.
  • Request network access for your game system by completing a Web Help Desk ticket.
    • Log on to using your Allegheny username and password.
    • Click  on the request button
    • Select Student Issue -> Game System Registration -> Wired Connection as the Request type
    • Provide the requested information, all fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
    • Click save to send the information.
    • It can take up to a week to have a game system registered on the network.

Minimum Computer Specifications

Allegheny College does not require a specific make or model of computer.  There are minimum specifications that are necessary to connect to our network.  We recommend computers that

  • run the most recent version of Windows or MacOS*
  • have network cards capable of connecting using a wired ethernet cable (RJ-45) or wirelessly.

Computers that use Windows are required to have the College provide antivirus installed per the antivirus policy.

*We do not recommend computers that run other operating systems such as Ubuntu as they are not easily supported or compatible with campus systems.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Residence Hall Network and the services we offer let us know by contacting the InfoDesk at 814-332-3768.