Cable TV and Phone Service

Cable TV Programming

Armstrong Cable Services provides students a 30 Channel Lineup in their rooms. Access to the base channel line up requires a digital adapter that can be signed out of the InfoDesk in Pelletier for the semester or academic year. 

In Room Channels (30 Channels)

2 KDKA -CBS 14 QVC 32 C-Span
3 Discovery 16 WBEP – CW 36 A-Channel
4 WJET – ABC 17 Disney 43 Food TV
5 WSEE – CBS 18 Lifetime 44 INSP
7 WUAB – WB 19 HSN 49 History
8 Nickelodeon 22 HLN 52 EWTN
9 WFXP – Fox 23 CTV13 57 Cartoon Network
10 CNN 25 Weather 100 Local
12 WICU – NBC 27 TV Land 201 CCSD
13 WQLN – PBS 28 A&E 202 PCSD

Additional Services

Line up upgrades and premium channel packages can be added to the local channel lineup if desired.

The channel upgrades can be ordered directly through Armstrong Cable for an additional fee.  To get the best customer service, students should visit the local Armstrong Cable office at 160 Westview Dr, Meadville, Pa.

Communal TV Viewing Channels (60 Channels)

Knowing the importance of watching TV as a group in our society, Residence Life and ITS identify TV lounges to allow friends and hallmates to come together and watch favorite programs or special events like award shows or sporting events.  The TV lounges have an expanded 60+ channel line up.

2 KDKA -CBS 23  CTV13 44 INSP
3 Discovery 24  Fox News 45 VH-1
4 WJET – ABC 25 Weather Channel 46 Nick Toons
5 WSEE – CBS 26 MTV 47 Sports Time Ohio
6 SyFy 27 TV Land 48 TLC
7 WUAB – WB 28 A&E 49 History
8 Nickelodeon 29 HGTV 50 FX
9 WFXP – Fox 30 TBS 51 Pentagon
10 CNN 31 PCN 52 EWTN
11 ESPN 32 C-Span 55 Animal Planet
12 WICU – NBC 33 Bravo 56 MSNBC
13 WQLN – PBS 34 Spike 57 Cartoon Network
14 QVC 35 USA 58 CMT
15 ABC Family 36 A-Channel 59 Comedy Central
16 WBEP – CW 37 AMC 60 Court TV
17 Disney 38 TNT 61 E!
18 Lifetime 39 TCM 70 TVN Direct
19 HSN 40 CNBC 72 School Channel
20 ESPN Classics 41 ROOT 100 Local Channel
21 ESPN 2 42  Travel Channel
22 HLN 43 Food TV

TV Lounges and Public Viewing Locations

TV Lounges.

Allegheny Hall TBD
Baldwin Hall 1st Floor Lounge
Brooks Hall
  • Mid Lounge
  • Pine Lounge
Caflish Hall Lounge 1
Crawford Hall Main Lounge
Edwards House Main Floor Lounge
North Village
  • NV2 – Main Lounge
  • NV1 – Max Kade Room*
Ravine Hall  TV Lounge
Schultz Hall TBD
Walker Hall TBD
Walker Annex TBD

*Max Kade Room is program space used by Modern Languages and language based special interest housing.  Space may not be freely available for TV viewing.

Public Viewing Locations

Televisions featuring the public 60+ channel line up are also available at the following locations.

  • Brooks Dining Hall
  • McKinley’s Food Court
  • Wise Center Athletic and Recreation Center

Phone Service

Local and long distance phone service are available on request from Windstream. Students interest in establishing phone service should contact Windstream directly by calling (800) 347-1991.

It Should Go Without Saying

Students must provide their own television sets, telephones,  and cables. Students are responsible for the cable-TV, network and telephone jacks in their rooms.  Students will be charged for damages that occur to these jacks.

Appropriate action under the College Judicial System may be taken against any students who unlawfully provides and/or receives access to any premium service.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Residence Hall Network and the services we offer let us know by contacting the InfoDesk at (814) 332-3768.