Getting Started Guide for Students

Your Username and Password

  • Your username and password are your passport to technology services at Allegheny. They are necessary to register your computer on the network, sign on to a lab computer, log onto your course sites, check your email, and access your information on WebAdvisor.
  • If you have forgotten your password, bring your student ID card to the InfoDesk at Pelletier Library and you can get your password reset.
  • You are required to change your password at least once a year. You will receive a reminder when it is time to change your password. Save yourself a lot of hassle and take a moment to change your password when you get that email.
  • To protect your information, you should not share your password with anyone.

Set Up 2-Step Verification

Add a layer of protection to your Allegheny files and email by setting up 2-step verification. It is a great, easy way to minimize the chances that you will be a victim of phishing.

Find out how to set up 2-step verification.

Get Online

Wireless Access

Get started by connecting to the AC-Wireless network for directions on how to configure your laptop, phone, or mobile device. The AC-Wireless network is available in all buildings on campus. It is a secure network that requires you to sign on with your Allegheny username and password.

Desktop Computers

Students must register their computers to gain full access to the College’s wired network. There is one live network port in each residence hall room. 

  • Additional ports can be configured on request. Students can register a desktop computer by completing the registration form that loads automatically when you browse to
  • Living in North Village II – Wired internet ports are not live by default in this building. Students needing a wired connection can request the activation of a wired port using Web Help Desk.

Game Systems

Game systems with a browser can register using the online form that loads automatically by browsing to

  • Systems without browsers must be registered by the Residence Hall Network Technician.
  • Requests to get your game system online can be submitted through the Online Registration Page.

Other Devices

Other devices, such as Smart TVs and digital assistants, may be able to connect to either the wired or wireless network, depending on the device.

Protecting Your Device and Yourself

Antivirus Protection

  • Students using Windows are required to use the College provided antivirus software.
  • Directions for getting are available on the Get Trend Micro Antivirus page.


  • Add to your Allegheny user name and it becomes your email address. You are expected to check your Allegheny email regularly. You can access it via a web browser or mobile app.
    • In any browser, type: Click on the Email button. Enter your user name and password information.
    • You can use the standard Gmail app to access your Allegheny email on your phone or mobile device. Other mail apps can be used, but may not function as well as the native Gmail app.

File Sharing

Phones and Tablets

  • Students are encouraged to protect their phones and tablets by using a PIN code or password.
  • Consider these additional suggestions for safer mobile device habits.


Public Computer Labs

  • Students log on to public computers using their Allegheny Username and Password.
  • There are public use computer labs available on campus to provide students access to specialized software necessary to complete assignments, type papers, or check email.
  • Public Computer Lab locations

TV Services

  • Armstrong cable provides students access to basic cable channels.
  • Students can sign out a cable adapter from the InfoDesk in Pelletier.
  • Channels and more information is available.