Locate Your Jack

Standard Jack –

This jack is used in Allegheny Hall, Brooks, Caflish, Crawford, Delta Tau Delta(DTD), Edwards, Ravine, SAE, Schultz, Walker, Walker Annex and the College owned houses


  • The phone jack is the top left blue jack
  • the cable-TV jack (cable-TV is not provided by the College in college owned houses) is the round jack beside it.
  • The two bottom red jacks are your network jacks. If you are the first person in the room connecting a computer then plug into the jack on the left and your roommate can use the jack on the right.


Baldwin Style Jack

This jack is used only in Baldwin Hall.


  • The jacks in Baldwin are on the opposite sides of the room.
  • The cable-TV jack is the round jack located at the top
  • the data jack is the red jack located at the bottom.
  • Your telephone jack looks like your telephone jack at home.
  • There is also a data jack located below the phone jack.

College Court Style Jack 


  • The telephone jack is the top jack (Phone)
  • the network jack is the bottom jack (DATA).
  • The cable-TV jack looks like a regular round cable-TV (co-axial cable) jack.
  • Some rooms have jacks with two data ports.
  • If you have two data ports then plug into the jack on the right.

Phi Kappa Psi Style Jack 


  • The words “CATEGORY 5” are written below the jack in red.
  • Your telephone jack looks like the telephone jack you have at home
  • The cable-TV jack looks like a regular round cable-TV (co-axial cable) jack.
  • The jacks in PKP are on opposite sides of the room.