Wireless Configuration Guide for Windows 7

Note: If your computer came with an advanced utility to manage wireless networking, you may be able to connect to AC-Wireless without using SecureW2.  Click here for more information about the requirements for configuring your connection.

  • Download the SecureW2 client software. You will be required to sign into your Allegheny account.
  • Double-click on SecureW2.exe to begin the install. You will see the the
    following window during the installation and then a notification when the installation is complete.12
  • After installation, Windows will automatically connect to the AC-Wireless
    wireless network. A notification balloon will pop up asking you to provide
    your user credentials to log on to the network.3
  • Click on the balloon to open the SecureW2 logon prompt. Enter your
    username and password. Check “Save user credentials” if you would like to be logged
    in automatically in the future. Note: When you change your network password, you will receive this prompt again to update your stored profile.4
  • Your computer should now connect to the network and authenticate.