Google Apps (G Suite) at Allegheny

Google Apps for EducationGoogle provides a complete set of tutorials and help files online.

Information Technology Services (ITS) encourages community members to use the help link as the first place they look for general usage questions.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

ITS has found a few topics that require specific Allegheny information to effectively use parts of G Suite (Google Apps for Education). A frequently asked question list is being maintained to provide that information to the community.

Google Apps

Q – What is 2-Step Verification?  

A – 2-Step verification is an extra layer of protection on your account as it requires a password (something that only you know) and an unique code delivered to you at sign in (something only you have).

Q – How do I get G Suite on my computer?

A – G Suite is a web-based suite of software that Google that includes email, calendar, documents, sites and contacts. As it is web-based there is nothing to install just open a web browser and head to and click on the MyEmail or MyCalendar button.

Drive – Docs, Sheets, Slides and Storage

Q – What is the difference between Google Drive and Google Docs?  

A – Google Drive is what Google changed Google Docs to when they added the ability to store files online.  In other words Google Drive is a file storage service where any files stored there (uploaded documents or documents created using Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides) are automatically backed up by Google and accessible from any networked computer.  Learn more about Google Drive at Allegheny

Q- Besides storing my files, what can I do with Google Drive?

A – You can do a lot with Google Drive.  See what is possible..

Q – Can a Google Doc be closed without saving the changes?

A – Google Docs auto saves changes as you go.  There is no save button because Google does it for you.

Q -Is it possible to edit a Google doc through a mobile browser?

A -Yes, Google has developed a Drive App for mobile devices so you can edit from a mobile device. The Doc’s App is compatibly with recent Android and iOS devices. The formatting options have been increased making the mobile app as fully functional as the web option.

Q -Can Google Docs handle multiple people editing the document simultaneously?

A – Yes – when there are multiple individuals collaborating each editor is identified by color in the other editor’s windows.  This is a nice feature for collaborative writing in class or revision of a committee report.

Q -Can you copy and paste from Google Spreadsheet?

A -You can’t copy/paste using the mouse or edit menu, but you can using
ctrl c, ctrl v, or ctrl x on the keyboard.

Q – Can I save documents and files from my computer to Google Drive so I can retrieve them from other computers?

A – Yes, and ITS encourages you to do so.  You can make it easier on yourself by configuring the Drive app on your computer.  G Suite for Education provides users unlimited storage.

Q – How can I see how much space I am using in Google Drive?

A – Visit – to see how much storage you are using for Drive, Photos and Email.


Q – How do I logon and check my email?

A – Open your web browser and surf to and sign in with your Allegheny account.

Q – How do I configure my phone or tablet for my Allegheny email?

A – It is recommended that you download the Gmail App for your device (Here are quick links for the Android and iOS versions of the app.)

Q – How do I know what are the new messages in a conversation with many replies?

A – The new messages will be expanded when you open the conversation. The oldest new reply will display first, you will need to scroll down to see the other new replies if there are any.

Q – How do I set up an out of the office response?

A – While logged into your email click the settings link.
In the General Tab, scroll down to the Vacation Responder box and turn it

Q – Do you need to include the after the username?

A – Yes you need to do this and there is not a known way to automatically
append the

Q – Can you send email using a shared email address such as a departmental account?

A – Yes, from the Accounts tab of Mail’s Settings you can add additional accounts you have access to, thus allowing you to send messages from different accounts through your personal log on.


Q – I attached a file to my email, but I want to edit it again before sending.
Gmail won’t let me do this?

A – Delete the attachment from the email, make your changes, and then re-attach the email. Attaching the email copies the document to Google. Changes made locally on your PC will not be reflected until you re-attach the email, copying the changed document to Google.

Q – How do you configure a mail client to POP your messages?

A – ITS believes the greatest advantages to Email are achieved when one uses the web interface through  If one absolutely desires to configure an email client on their personal computer Google provides instructions to configure email clients for IMAP as that synchronizes messages with the server.  This is not recommend or supported by ITS.

Q – How do I set up an autoresponder?

A – Settings -> General -> Vacation Responder. The Gmail autoresponder is different from the old system in the following

  • Only autoresponds to a unique sender once in a four day period
  • Works from the server, so your PC or email does not need to be running
  • Can not be specifically filtered, but does not respond to messages already
    being filtered out of inbox (like mailing lists or spam). Also, can be set
    to only respond to contacts.
  • There is a vacation reminder bar across your Gmail screen to remind you
    that the responder is running.
  • When you change your vacation message, the responder is automatically set
    to turn on. If you are just setting up the responder, but not turning it on,
    be sure to check this setting before saving. There is a labs feature that
    allows you to set start and end dates for the vacation responder. I haven’t
    tried it, just letting you know it’s there.


Q – Will everyone at Allegheny have access to me through chat?

A – By default yes.  You can alter your settings to allow only specific people to be to chat with you. When in your mail click the settings link and switch to the Chat tab to see the options available to you. Note: If you plan on not using chat you can turn this feature off by clicking the turn off chat link which is at the very bottom of your mail page.

Other Google Services

Q – Can I access other Google services using my Allegheny account? 

A – Yes.  As of January 2010, members of the Allegheny community can access a large number of Google services in addition Google Apps for Education’s Email, Calendar and Docs.

Note: Select services – those related to financial transactions – have not been enabled for the community as they are against college policy. Questions about availability of a particular service can be directed to James Fadden by contacting the Information Technology Services Help Desk.