Technology Proficiency: Spreadsheets

SpreadsheetBasic Proficiency

  1. Understand the difference between Cell, Row, Column, Sheet, and Workbook
  2. Format Content
    • Format cell content type – ie Text, Number Currency, etc..
    • Align content in cell
      • Horizontal Alignment
      • Vertical Alignment
      • Wrap Text in Cell
    • Change font
    • Change font size
    • Merge Cells
    • Create borders
  3. Navigate Cells
    • Scrolling and Clicking on Cell
    • Keyboard navigation
      • Enter and Shift+Enter to move down or up in a column
      • Tab and Shift+Tab to move right or left in a row
  4. Perform basic Calculations
    • Sum, Average, Count
    • Create custom calculation
  5. Protect workbook content
    • Protect cells and work sheets
  6. Printing
    • Use fit to width, print selection, change orientation to produce readable physical copies.
    • Use Print features appropriately
      • Repeat row headers on each page
      • Include document title, sheet name, page number
  7. Sort content
    • Organize content based on information of a column
  8. Filter content
    • Turn on filtering
    • Select criteria to narrow the viewable data

Advanced Proficiency

  1. Create Charts from Sheet information
  2. Import/export content
    • import content from .txt, .csv, tab delimited files
    • export from .xlsx to txt, .csv, etc..

Next Steps

For Help with these skills, visit the Google Docs Help Center, Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorials or contact Allegheny’s User Services.

Download the Excel 2010 CST

Last updated March 17, 2015