PubMed full-text button will be removed.

Button logo for full-text

The link for Allegheny Full Text ​on the PubMed page will be removed. This link no longer provides access to the full text article or a direct link to Interlibrary Loan. Other vendor links for full text articles are still being provided. To find out if full text is available, copy and paste the article title into AggreGator. If the full text is available, the link will be provided. If the the article is “Online Citation”, the direct link to Interlibrary Loan will be provided.

A new look for Google sign-in screens on June 14th

Starting on June 14th, 2018, you may notice that when you sign in to your G Suite account, the screen looks slightly different. Some of the changes will include tweaks to the Google logo, an outline around the text field, and center alignment of all items on the screen. See below for before and after images.

Current Google sign-in screen with left-aligned text
Current Google sign-in screen


New Google sign-in screen with center-aligned text
New Google sign-in screen

Fun Friday 6/8 Cancelled

Fun Friday 6/8 will be cancelled due to staff unavailability for a Friday afternoon retreat. Murray 117 will be available again on 6/15 for collaboration, brainstorming, and problem solving. Fun Friday is available to all who can make it every Friday at 3pm, with the understanding that if there is a large group, we can not assure you of dedicated work time with a member of ITS.

Informer Service Disruption

We have identified a potential issue with Informer that may cause service disruption. We are currently working to resolve this issue.

Google Drive UI updates Announced

Google announced they are making some updates to the look and feel of Google Drive on the web. There’s no change in functionality, but some icons and buttons have moved, and there’s a range of visual tweaks to align with Google’s latest material design principles.

Specific changes include:

  • The logo in the top left has been changed to the Google Drive logo.
  • The custom MyAllegheny logo, moves to the top right.
  • The Settings icon has been moved in line with the search bar.
  • The Help Center icon has been moved in line with the search bar.
  • The page background is now white, not gray.
  • The “New” button has been updated.
  • The font used for headers has been changed.

Additional information about using the Google Drive or any G Suite app is available at the G Suite Learning Center.

Opt In to the New Gmail

Starting on May 9, 2018 members of Allegheny College will have access to the new Gmail layout and features.  Individuals may opt in early to take advantage of new features including:
    • Access to calendar events, notes, task lists, and add-ons right from Gmail.
    • “Snooze” email until later, if you don’t have time to look at it now.
    • Use suggested replies—no need to enter text.
    • and more…
Additional information about using the New Gmail or any G Suite app is available at the G Suite Learning Center.

First Fun Friday (May) – Cancelled

First Fun Friday will not be held tomorrow May 4th. Please let us know if you are interested in any future technology topics for the summer and beyond.

Fun Friday (as always, every week) will be held in Murray 117 at 3pm. Please feel free to pop in with your questions and projects. We have computers available and an assortment of people available to brainstorm, solve problems or spark ideas.

Reception for Rita Manning, Teresa Pratt, and Alan Bartlett

Please stop in the Collaboratory in Pelletier on Tuesday, May 8, between 11:00 to 12:15 to offer best wishes to our Pelletier friends and colleagues Rita Manning, Teresa Pratt, and Alan Bartlett. Alan, Teresa, and Rita are retiring at the end of June, and we want take this opportunity now before our community scatters for the summer to thank them for all that they do and have done. We hope to see you there.

Switch to Drive File Stream before May 12th

The Google Drive desktop app is shutting down on May 12th. If you are still using Google Drive, you need to switch to Drive File Stream to keep your files backed up and secure.  File Stream is an easy way to move and organize your data, and much easier to use than the Google Drive sync app.

With File Stream you can:

  • View and organize files in your computer’s native file system, such as Explorer in Windows or Finder in Mac OS X.
  • Open files in their native applications installed on your computer.
  • Mark specific files or folders for offline use so that they are accessible when you know you will be without internet access.
  • See all of your files in Google Drive without using storage space on your computer.
  • You can stop using MS Office and begin using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Is this important to you? Yes. Keeping your data secure and backed up is your responsibility–ITS will no longer transfer or restore data during computer upgrades, repairs, or replacements.  For more information see the File Stream tutorial or contact the InfoDesk.

Reminder: Senior Project Submissions to DSpace

Students writing COMPs this semester must submit a licensing form to the Digital Initiatives Librarian and also upload the finished project to DSpace. Instructions for submitting the project can be found here