News and Updates

Reported Phishing Attempts

Several reports of a  phishing attempt was brought to the attention of LITS by several in the community. The message claimed to be coming from a college employee. The fact that the message did not come from is what helped to identify the phishing attempt.

This is a good reminder to the Allegheny community to be cautious when receiving unexpected emails.

If you get a message you think is phishing/spam you should:  

  1. Not click on links in the message
  2. Follow up by other means.  
  3. Report it as spam/phishing in Gmail

Please do not hesitate to contact the InfoDesk at or by phone at extension 3768 to report phishing attempts or obtain more information.

LITS always encourages safe account practices and would encourage you to visit the LITS website to change your password if you ever feel that your account credentials have been compromised.  In addition, two-factor authentication is an added layer of protection against this possibility.

O: Drive Retirement

LITS would like to thank the Allegheny community for all of the hard work and cooperation involved in migrating all of the data off of the O: drive. Last week, on Wednesday January 15th, the file server housing the O: drive was retired and turned offline.

If you need any additional support, please reach out to us by contacting the InfoDesk at x3768 or email

Tech Tip Tuesday – Change your Default PDF Viewer in Windows 10

Windows 10, by default, sets your system to open PDF files in Microsoft Edge. Interested in changing this setting so that PDF’s open in another application such as Google Chrome? Follow these steps to try it out:

Open Settings. (Click the Start button, click the Settings icon.)

Click Apps.

Click Default Apps.

Click the link Choose default apps by file type.

Scroll down the list and find .pdf (PDF) and click the button on the right side. Select an app to set it as the new default.

Pelletier Library Winnowing Project

It’s time to review books for Pelletier Library’s winnowing project. Faculty are invited to review titles tagged for possible removal in two call number ranges: 780 to 799, which includes music and recreation, and 800 to 809, which includes general literary anthologies and criticisms. Click here for a list of topics. The review of titles in 780 – 799 and 800 – 809 begins January 17, 2020 and lasts until February 7, 2020. Faculty interested in reviewing titles are invited to stop by the InfoDesk to pick up a winnowing envelope.
As a reminder, the review of call number ranges 000 to 779 ends on Friday, January 31, 2020. A full list of call number ranges under review is listed on the project’s website

PaperCut Printing

Over Winter break, LITS updated the PaperCut software that administers printing all over campus.

Anyone using a Mac computer should visit the InfoDesk in Pelletier, or open a Web Help Desk ticket, and LITS staff will work with you to update the PaperCut client on your Mac.

Windows 10 PCs will need to reboot to reconnect to the print server. Some Windows 10 PCs may need to have the PaperCut client uninstalled and reinstalled.

If you have any questions, please contact the InfoDesk at x3768.

Tech Tip Tuesday – G Suite YouTube Channel

The G Suite Learning Center is a valuable resource to help learn more about using Google Apps efficiently.

Did you know that the G Suite Learning Center has an official YouTube channel? In it, you’ll find numerous videos of how-to’s, tips, and updates about new features for Google apps!

What types of tech tips would you like to see more of? We would love to hear your feedback! Email us at

HathiTrust login update

LITS has updated the authentication method for HathiTrust accounts. This may cause some temporary difficulties with logging into your HathiTrust account over the next few days. We expect these difficulties to be resolved by January 20 at the latest.
Most functions of HathiTrust are unaffected.
If you experience difficulties logging into HathiTrust after January 20, please contact the InfoDesk at 814-332-3768, or open a Web Help Desk ticket.

Upcoming Retirement of the O: Drive

Microsoft will be officially discontinuing product support for the operating system running Allegheny’s file server which houses the O: drive on January 14th, 2020.

After this date, files stored on the O: Drive will no longer be accessible. Last year, LITS worked with individual departments to prepare for this retirement. LITS is prepared to provide additional support with file storage.

Please contact the InfoDesk at x3768 or email if you need any assistance. We hope to make this transition smooth for everyone and we look forward to working with you to make that happen.

Scheduled Network Maintenance

LITS will be conducting scheduled network maintenance on Saturday, December 28. Wireless connectivity may be briefly affected at various times and locations throughout the day.

People on campus who encounter issues with wifi that persist after the 28th, or who encounter wider issues affecting more than just wifi, should contact Public Safety at 814-332-3357, who can alert LITS. We also encourage people to submit a Web Help Desk ticket.