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Resolved: Service Disruption May 5, 2021

On Wednesday morning, May 5, 2021, there was a temporary issue with the college’s authentication system (username and passwords) that caused some attempts to connect to college resources to respond with errors, in particular connecting to wireless networks. This issue was resolved shortly after it was discovered. Systems using Google authentication were not affected.

LITS thanks those in our campus community who alerted us to the issue.

Whenever you experience issues with logging into any Allegheny College system, please reach out to the InfoDesk via email at, or call 814-332-3768.

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EBSCO eBook Updates: 5/5 – 5/21

Between May 5-12, users will not be able to download full eBooks to read offline from EBSCOhost, EBSCO Discovery Service, or the EBSCO mobile app. They will be able to read eBooks online and download eBook chapters, and any eBooks already downloaded will continue to be available to users.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact the Infodesk by email at: or by phone at: (814) 332-3768.

Tip Tuesday: Export to PowerPoint from Keynote on Mac

Many Mac users create presentations in the Keynote app, but may need to share what they’ve created in a PowerPoint or Google Slides file format.

To save a copy of a Keynote presentation in another format, you export it in the new format. Any changes made to the exported presentation don’t affect the original.

Save a copy of a Keynote presentation in another format

  1. Open the presentation, then choose File > Export To > PowerPoint.
    The File menu open in Keynote with "Export To" selected and its submenu showing export options for PDF, PowerPoint, Movie, HTML, Images, and Keynote ’09.
  2. You may be offered the option to set a password for the exported file, keep or change an existing password, or export without a password.
  3. Click Next, then type a name for the presentation.
  4. To choose where to save the presentation, click the Where pop-up menu, choose a location, then click Export.
  5. Your exported file can now be opened in MS PowerPoint, or uploaded to your Google Slides.

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Research Thursday: Highlighting Archives Unbound

a screenshot of the Archives Unbound collections page

Archives Unbound is a database that consists of 28 topically-focused digital collections. Each digital collection includes primary source materials that support the research and study needs of scholars, researchers, and students. Collections span topics from the Middle Ages to World War II and twentieth-century political history.

The database includes advanced search filters which offer the ability to narrow focus to parameters such as certain date ranges, content types, and languages across collections. Users can discover related search terms that commonly occur in relation to their own search term, which helps uncover hidden connections, or can be a helpful starting point in the early stages of research. The term cluster for “disaster” might bring up related topics such as “Mining Disaster,” “Fire,” or “Earthquake,” prompting users down different research paths.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Allow Screen Sharing on a Mac

To share your screen in some versions of the macOS, you need to allow Zoom or Google Meet access to screen recording. You can do this in your System Preferences. Select the Security & Privacy option, click the Privacy tab, scroll down to Screen Recording, and finally check the option for (for Zoom) or Google Chrome (for Meet).

Screenshot of the Screen recording settings in macOS, with "Google Chrome" and "" checked.

Tip Tuesday: Restarting Google Drive for Desktop

Google offers a desktop app for Mac and Windows to access files in your Google Drive directly from your computer, without a browser. This app is already installed on most employee PCs and Mac computers.
Occasionally, the app will crash, and needs to be restarted to restore your direct access. Here’s how:

How to restart Google Drive For Desktop in Windows:
  1. Click the Start button in Windows.
  2. Find the program called “Google Drive” or “Drive File Stream”.
  3. Click the program.
  4. Wait for 20-30 seconds
  5. Google Drive will reload, and you should regain desktop access to your files.
How to restart Google Drive For Desktop in macOS:
  1. Open Finder.
  2. Open your Applications folder.
  3. Find the app called “Google Drive“.
  4. Double-click the app.
  5. Wait for 20-30 seconds.
  6. Google Drive will reload, and you should regain desktop access to your files.

Remember that even if the desktop app has crashed, you still have access to your files via a web browser. Simply go to You will need to be logged into your Allegheny account in the browser to access your files.

Read more about using Google Drive for desktop with your Allegheny account.

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Research Thursday: Find copies of course syllabi in DSpace

Did you know that faculty members submit copies of their syllabi to DSpace? If you need to find a syllabi for a particular course, all you need to do is log into DSpace.

  1. To log into DSpace, go to DSpace, and click Login in the top-right corner or in the left-side menu and sign in with your Allegheny College username and password.
    image of DSpace homepage

  3. To find the Syllabi collections, scroll down to Communities in DSpace and click on “Merrick Archives”. On the next page, click on “Provost and Dean of the College RG 5”. Finally, click the Course Syllabi link in the list of collections.
    Image of steps to navigate to the course syllabi collections

  5. Syllabi are organized into Fall and Spring semesters. To find a specific syllabi, click on one of the collections, and browse by author to search for the professor who taught the course. To find syllabi by department, browse by subject.
    Image of Syllabi collections page

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Tip Tuesday: Changing Your Password

In March 2021, LITS updated the password change process for your Allegheny College network account.

As before, you are able to change your password using your known current password.

LITS added the option of receiving a password reset text or email when your password is not working. To enable this option, add a current mobile phone number or alternate email to your profile in Self Service.

Allegheny accounts provide Allegheny College students and employees with access to wifi, Gmail, and many other college-wide services.

Please reach out to the InfoDesk at 814-332-3768 or email with any questions.

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Tip Tuesday: Accessibility in Google Workspace

Google offers a number of accessibility features in its products and online services, including GmailGoogle ChromeChromebooksMeetGoogle Calendar, and more. See the Google Workspace user guide to accessibility to learn about using keyboard shortcuts, screen readers, using braille displays, and other accessibility tools you have access to via your Allegheny College Google account. You can even provide the Google Accessibility team with feedback.

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Research Thursday: Highlighting HeinOnline database

HeinOnline is a valuable research platform hosting over one hundred different databases dedicated to case law, international treaties and agreements, and government documents. The platform is routinely updated with timely, topical research materials. Recent additions to HeinOnline include materials related to civil rights and social justice, COVID-19, and executive privilege,

screenshot of HeinOnline homepage

Start your journey into HeinOnline by using it for your own research or exploring 10 Historical Events You Didn’t Know Happened in March.