Allegheny Network Accounts

As amended August 2017

Network accounts are to be used only by the person or group to whom the account was issued. Network accounts provide the user access to privileged information and services, and passwords must be kept strictly confidential. Inappropriate sharing of account passwords may result in revocation of network account privileges. Attempting to access another person or groups’ account, including using, copying, modifying, or deleting anyone else’s files, is a violation of local policy and may also be a violation of state or federal law. All such attempts will be turned over to the appropriate College Officer for inquiry. In such cases, due process procedures as outlined in The Compass, Faculty Handbook, and the Personnel Policies Handbook for Staff Personnel will be used.

Types of Accounts

Student Accounts
Students are granted network accounts and access to many College services including email when they make a deposit indicating that they intend to matriculate at the College. Messages from College offices to students’ College email accounts are considered official College communications, and students are responsible for checking for such messages regularly.

Employee Accounts
All employees are granted network accounts and access to the College Services necessary for the performance of their work. Messages from College offices to employees’ College email accounts are considered official College communications, and employees are responsible for checking for such messages regularly.

Group Accounts
Groups of students, faculty, staff and/or administrators at Allegheny may apply for a group network account. To be eligible for such an account, the group must be officially recognized and sanctioned by some college office, such as the Allegheny Student Government, Office of the Dean of Students, Faculty Council, etc. Each group account must have an “owner” who is a College employee. The account owner is responsible for managing the account password, granting others access to the account, and ensuring that all individuals who use the account are familiar with and abide by applicable College policies. Applications for group network accounts are available by contacting the ITS Help Desk.

Spouses, Partners, and Dependents of College Employees
The sponsoring employee assumes responsibility for informing the account holder about College policies and ensuring that these policies are being followed. In the case of dependents, employees must affirm that they are aware that College accounts provide unfiltered access to the Internet via the College’s network and so may provide access to material and services that are inappropriate for minors. The sponsoring employee assumes responsibility for monitoring use by minor dependents and ensuring that the account is used appropriately and in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal statutes.

Guest Accounts
Some campus offices maintain guest accounts that provide access to the Internet and limited access to campus computing resources. All such accounts must be managed by an employee who is responsible for ensuring that they are used appropriately and as intended.

Maintaining Accounts

To maintain access to their network account, users must change the account password at intervals no longer than twelve months or the account will be de-activated. In the process of changing account passwords, users will be asked to confirm their responsibility for any other accounts (accounts for dependents, group accounts, personal or group web sites, etc.) for which they are responsible. If users elect to decline responsibility for such associated accounts, those accounts will be de-activated. Information Technology Services (ITS) will remind users when a password change is due.

Termination of Network Accounts

The network accounts of employees who leave the College for reasons other than retirement will be de-activated upon the separation of the employee from the College. If requested to do so, and if approved by Human Resources, Information Technology Services will forward former employee’s electronic mail to an off-campus location for a period of up to two months after the employee’s separation from the College. Full-time employees who retire from the College and have the approval of their AEC member may retain their Allegheny network account indefinitely if they wish to do so. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the President.

Graduating Students

The network accounts of students remain active until May 15th of the year following the student’s graduation year, at which point they will be de-activated.  No email forwarding will be provided beyond the date of de-activaton.

Students who withdraw or are dismissed from the College
When students withdraw or are dismissed from the College, their network accounts are de-activated.

Purging of Files associated with Inactive Accounts

Files (directory files, backup files, materials in the course management system, web pages) associated with accounts that have been inactive for more than six months will be removed from Allegheny’s network systems as part of ongoing maintenance.

To avoid unnecessary confusion, the College also reserves right to de-activate Google sites in the Allegheny G Suite instance that are not updated at least once annually, since such sites are often included in searches of Allegheny’s web site.