Transferring Allegheny Gmail to Personal Gmail

Before your account is terminated, you can easily transfer your email messages to a personal Gmail Account.

    Sign in to your Allegheny Email Account first

    Click the Gear and select Settings from the menu. gear icon

    Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP Tab

    In the POP Download section select Enable POP for all mail.

forwarding and pop

    Click Save and check that POP is enabled for all mail.


You will also need to enable access for less secure applications to allow POP3 access to your mail. Please browse to the Less Secure Apps section of your Google Account settings and select the “Turn on” radio button.less secure apps

     Once you have confirmed that setting log out of your Allegheny email account.


Sign into your personal Gmail account (Create one here if you do not have one)

    Click the Gear and select Settings from the menu.

    In the “Accounts” Tab Click “Add a POP3 mail account you own”


    In the window that displays enter your Allegheny email address

add account

    Click “Next Step”

edit mail account


    Use your entire Allegheny email address as your username and enter your password.


If you are using 2-Step Verification on your account you will need to use an app specific password at this screen.  You can also simply turn off 2-Step Verification before beginning this tutorial.

For the POP Server, please choose “Other” and then manually type in:

The Port Number should be set to 995.

    It is suggested that you label the incoming messages to make them easy to find.  

    If you don’t want all of your past messages to overwhelm your inbox select Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox)

    Click Add Account/Save Changes


would you also like to send mail as

    Click Finish


    With things are configured properly you will get the “Checking Mail” indicator.

checking mail

    Messages will be brought over in batches until all your prior messages reside in your new account. It might take a day or two for this process to complete depending on how many messages you have archived.