Inauguration Celebration

mullen-inaugAlthough the inauguration of James H. Mullen, Jr. as Allegheny’s 21st president on October 17 had its solemn moments, it resembled nothing so much as a large family celebration. Both the ceremony itself and a dinner later in the day took “We Are Allegheny” as a theme. Student musicians and dancers took center stage at the dinner, while artwork showcased the talents of students and faculty.

Among the speakers at inauguration was Molly Corbett Broad, president of the American Council on Education, the nation’s premier organization dedicated to higher education. A “Last Word” by Molly Broad appears on page 48.

“History has granted us a unique moment. It has afforded us the high privilege of setting the foundation for Allegheny’s third century,” said Dr. Mullen in his inauguration address. “This privilege will come to only one generation of Alleghenians. And as that fortunate generation, each of us who know and love this place, each of us whose life has been framed by this place, each of us who is a better person and a more fully engaged citizen because of this place–each of us owes our full measure as we define a future for Allegheny College that is at once relevant and powerful and true to our tradition.”

The full text of the inauguration speech–as well as video–is available at

This article was featured in the Summer/Fall 2008 issue of Allegheny Magazine.