Dual Degree Cooperative (3-2) Engineering Program

The Cooperative Engineering Program provides students with the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in their major from Allegheny and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from one of the following cooperating engineering schools: Case Western Reserve University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Washington University (St. Louis). This Dual Degree program typically involves three years at Allegheny and two years at one of the cooperative schools.

Participating students must meet all of Allegheny’s graduation requirements, with the exception of the Senior Project. In particular, students must complete a major, a minor from a division outside the major division, distribution requirements, and FS requirements. Cooperative Engineering students must also complete courses in calculus-based physics, chemistry (with lab), and computer programming, in addition to mathematics courses through differential equations. Additional courses may be required depending on the institution and engineering subfield.

Since these requirements must typically be satisfied by the end of the junior year, it is essential that students who are interested in participating in the Cooperative Engineering Program meet with the 3-2 coordinator, Professor Daniel Willey (dwilley@allegheny.edu), as early as possible in their time at Allegheny. Math majors should also meet with the Math department liaison, Professor Rachel Weir (rweir@allegheny.edu), to set up a course plan.