Academic Convocation & Matriculation

Saturday, August 29, 2020
7 pm (EDT)

Students will be welcomed by President Hilary L. Link and learn more about the College’s expectations and commitment to community. The ceremony serves as the official welcome for new students into our community of scholars, including the Honor Code Pledge and an address by Assistant Professor of Community and Justice Studies Heather Moore Roberson, who received the 2020 Thoburn Award for Excellence in Teaching.

In Order of Appearance

Abdikadir Lugundi
President, Allegheny Student Government

Nicholas Viall
Chair, Honor Committee

Ron Cole ’87
Provost and Dean of the College

Heather Moore Roberson
Assistant Professor of Community and Justice Studies and Recipient of the 2020 Thoburn Award for Excellence in Teaching

Hilary L. Link

James Niblock ’97
Associate Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities

Statement of Community

Allegheny students and employees are committed to creating an inclusive, respectful and safe residential learning community that will actively confront and challenge racism, sexism, heterosexism, religious bigotry, and other forms of harassment and discrimination.

We encourage individual growth by promoting a free exchange of ideas in a setting that values diversity, trust and equality.

So that the right of all to participate in a shared learning experience is upheld, Allegheny affirms its commitment to the principles of freedom of speech and inquiry, while at the same time fostering responsibility and accountability in the exercise of these freedoms.

Honor Code

The Academic Honor Program at Allegheny College is designed to promote individual responsibility and integrity in academic affairs and to develop an atmosphere conducive to serious independent scholarship. Allegheny’s Honor Code is different from those of many other colleges because it is a student code, developed and upheld by the students themselves rather than imposed by the college administration.

A voluntary honor system was established in 1960, and by 1962 over two-thirds of the student body participated in the program. The following year, the student body voted to make the program mandatory. The decision, also approved by the faculty and administration, first applied to the class that entered the College in 1964. Every three years since 1990, the Honor Committee conducts a student referendum to determine if the student body wishes to continue the honor system. The Honor Code has consistently been supported by an overwhelming majority of students.

The Honor Committee is a student committee that educates the College community and investigates alleged violations of the Honor Code. This Honor Committee, in fulfillment of its responsibilities, complies with all provisions of the Student Conduct System. Information on reporting procedures can be obtained from materials distributed by the Honor Committee, in the student handbook, or by contacting the Dean of Students Office.

Read the full Honor Code

Honor Code Pledge

I hereby recognize and pledge to fulfill my responsibilities, as defined in the Honor Code, and to maintain the integrity of both myself and the College community as a whole.

Alma Mater Beatissima

Fair Allegheny, yonder on the hill
Through all the years our hearts are turning still
In love to thee, and so they ever will
O, Alma Mater, Beatissima.

Warm rests the sun, so soft on wall and vine
No air in all the world can equal thine
Again we flame our torches at thy shrine
O, Alma Mater, Beatissima.