Research Websites

Historic and contemporary maps of the Middle East from the University of Texas’s collection.

An animated map of the imperial history of the Middle East from about 3000 BCE to 2006 CE.

The Middle East is a seismically active area.  The seismic hazard map is here, and there are also links to historical data.

This map game will help you learn where various Middle Eastern countries are located. also has a Middle East map game, and one to test Middle East capitals.

Sheppard Software has a variety of map quizzes on the Middle East and regional capitals.

Ancient World Online Links to many different types of resources on art, history, and archaeology

Quran Translations

Sultan Baybar’s Qur’ān  from the British Library, made in Cairo in the fourteenth century.

A collection of images of old Qur’āns can be found on  Digitized university collections of historical materials. Includes Arabic scientific magazines from the late nineteenth- and early twentieth centuries.

MENALIB  The Middle East Virtual Library.  Includes conference announcements, periodicals, digital document collections, especially in German and English.

ULB Sachsen-Anhalt  Over 3,000 digitized volumes of Arabic, Ottoman and Persian books that date from the end of the sixteenth century to the early twentieth.

Shamela  Arabic books on Islamic religious sciences and other topics, such as travelogues, chronicles and biographical dictionaries.

Waqfeya  Focuses on Islamic religious sciences, but also includes Islamic economics; history; the Muslim family; contemporary life; and Arabic language and literature.

Al Aqsa Mosque library  This digitization project preserves the historical periodical collections (1900-1950) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library.

Historical Jewish Press  This is the largest collection of Jewish and Hebrew periodicals in the world, digitized and searchable by keyword.

Hebrew Books  Primarily covers Jewish philosophy, theology, prayer, the Talmud, halakha and other matters pertaining to Jewish ritual worship and practice, as well as Jewish history.

Qatar Digital Library  Several hundred thousand documents, mostly from the British India Office dealing with the Gulf. The documents span the period 1700-1999, with the overwhelming majority of the documents covering the period, 1850-1950.

Women’s Worlds in Qajar Iran  Focuses on women in Qajar Iran (1796-1925).

Open Access TBMM  Resources on the late Ottoman and Republican periods of Turkish history, including on contemporary affairs, history, ethics, government publications, and maps.

Archnet  Focuses on architecture, urbanism, environmental and landscape design, visual culture, and conservation issues related to the Muslim world,

Background Notes  U.S. State Department publications include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of independent states, some dependencies and areas of special sovereignty.

CIA World Factbook  Produced by the CIA, this site provides information and statistics on countries and territories around the world.

Country Reports on Terrorism  Annual U.S. Dept. of State report

EISIL: Electronic Information System for International Law  Maintained by the American Society of International Law

Electoral Geography 2.0  Latest election results from around the world broken out by county, party, etc.

Meta Search Engine for Searching Multiple Human Rights Sites   

NationMaster  Combines data from CIA World Factbook, UN, OECD, etc.

NIRA Link to Think Tanks and Other Policy Research Resources  Provided by the National Institute for Research Advancement

Portals to the World  Contains selective links providing authoritative, in-depth information about the nations and other areas of the world. Hosted by Library of Congress

RAND Terrorism and Homeland Security  Clearinghouse for terrorism research and analysis reports by RAND divisions