Meet our International Teaching Assistants…

Narmeen Salama ~ Arabic

Hometown:  Palestine-Israel

Academic interests:
I studied English literature and Communication, along with teaching foreign languages.

  I like almost all kind of sports, reading novels , watching movies and listening to music.
Fun facts about me:
I speak three languages fluently, I’m passionate about always learning new languages and cultures, I love Friends, the TV show,  would like to travel as much as possible around the world, and LOVE chocolate chip cookies.

What I want to learn about the U.S.:  I’m interested every culture that is different from mine, I think experiencing other cultures brings us closer to people and enable us to make the world a better place. The US is considered the melting pot in which you can experience many cultures at once, and i love that here.

Chih-Jung Chen ~ Chinese

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Academic interests: I have a bachelor’s degree in economics, and earlier this year I completed a Chinese teacher training program in Washington University in St. Louis.

Hobbies: I enjoy practicing Yoga, baking, traveling and learning languages.

Fun facts about me: 1) I lived in Iceland for about five months, and I saw northern lights three times a week. 2) I backpacked in Europe alone for 1.5 months, and when I was in Rotterdam, Netherlands, I stayed in a 32-bed coed dorm to save money. 3) I completed Vidden trail, Bergen, Norway when the trail was still covered in snow, all by myself. I think I only saw three people along the way.

What I want to learn about the U.S.: I want to try all the ice cream flavors and I want to visit all the national parks.

Charline Bordat ~ French

Hometown:  Pruniers-en-Sologne, France

Academic interests:  Law and Languages (English and Spanish); I am interested in translation.

Hobbies:  traveling, cooking, Crossfit, listening to music, reading

Fun facts about me: (1) one of my dreams is to see a polar light; (2) I have been doing Crossfit for more than a year; (3) I would like to learn American Sign Language.

What I want to learn about the U.S.: I want to experience and learn more about American traditions and ways of life, such as Thanksgiving. I want to travel around the United States: I would like to visit at least one city in every single state.


Alexandra Tauer ~ German

Hometown: Cologne, Germany

Academic interests: Studying for an educational bachelor’s degree (majors English, History), my goal is to become a high school teacher & handball coach/instructor. I also worked in a retail store for about 3 years in Cologne and I worked as an au pair in the U.S. (North Carolina) for a year.

Hobbies: playing handball, going to the gym, meeting friends, going to the movies

Fun facts about me: I practiced my English skills watching Friends and Grey’s Anatomy in English.

What I want to learn about the U.S.: How college life really is; I want to experience and explore Pennsylvania and the Northeast more.

Daniel Melendez ~ Spanish

Hometown:  Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Academic interests: Bachelor degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language obtained at UPEL Venezuela. Special interest in foreign languages teaching methodologies, Spanish as a second language, applied linguistics and sociolinguistics.

Hobbies:  I enjoy three things in life: eating or cooking good food, outdoor activities that connect you with nature and casual but deep and meaningful conversations. Having the three things at the same time is just perfection.

Fun facts about me: 1- I have never met snow, so it will be my first time to see snow at Allegheny. 2-I am afraid of snakes (Who is not?) and 3- Teaching in my passion. I believe it changes lives.

What I want to learn about the U.S.: First, American English language features, slangs and dialects. Second, American social environment regarding social justice and inclusion. Finally, new and interesting places we know from TV, but now I will have the chance to see them in person.