Woodwind Quintet(s)

     Coach:  Julie Hepler (juhepler@allegheny.edu)
     Meeting Times:  Determined each semester by participants
     Course Number:  MUSIC 120*05 (1 credit hour)

The Woodwind Quintet(s) is a five-member group with the instrumentation of one flute, one clarinet, one oboe, one bassoon, and one French horn, though some flexibility for substitutions is available. The Woodwind Quintet(s) performs in the Instrumental Chamber Ensembles concert (once in the Fall, once in the Spring), and off-campus performance opportunities may also be available. This ensemble usually performs without a conductor. Membership is open by audition; concurrent enrollment in a parent ensemble (Wind Symphony, Music 112 or Civic Symphony, Music 110) is required. The ensemble has one weekly coaching. The Woodwind Quintet(s) carries one semester hour of academic credit. Questions regarding the Woodwind Quintet should be directed to Professor Julie Hepler in the Music Department.