Faculty and Chair

  • Average class size, introductory: 30
  • Average class size, advanced: 7

Administrative Chair

Michael Mehler, Professor of Theatre, Design for Live Performance; B.S. Northwestern University; M.F.A., University of Texas at Austin; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Full-Time Faculty

Jason Delfing, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Wind Symphony; B.M. Cleveland State University, MAED/ADM University of Phoenix, M.M. Arizona State University, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University.

Michael Dolan, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Civic Symphony; B.S., Indiana University Jacobs School of Music; M.M., Pennsylvania State University; D.M.A., University of Wisconsin – Madison.

James Niblock, Program Coordinator, Professor of Music, Director of Choral Activities;  B.A., Allegheny College;  M.M., Binghamton University; D.M.A., University of Connecticut.

Part-Time Faculty

Haley Beverburg, D.M.A., instructor of class piano

Wei En Chan, M.M., instructor of voice

Jennifer Dearden, D.M.A., instructor of trumpet, Senior Associate Provost

Kevin Dill, M.M., instructor of organ and harpsichord

Christina Brice Dolanc, M.M., instructor of violin and viola

Sonya Eagles-Dill, M.M., instructor of class voice

James E. Froman, B.A., instructor of guitar, jazz improvisation, jazz history

Jackson Froman, B.A, instructor of jazz piano and harmonica

Dan Heasley, B.M., instructor of clarinet and saxophone

Julie Hepler., M.M., instructor of bassoon

Lowell Hepler, Ph.D., instructor of tuba

Vicki Jamison, B.A., instructor of voice

Molly Moyer, M.E., instructor of oboe

Carol Niblock, B.A., instructor of voice

Wendy Plyler, B.M., instructor of piano

Susanna Reilly, M.M., instructor of cello

Rob Roth, M.M., Director of AC Jazz Band

Amanda Sage, M.M., instructor of flute

Kent Tucker, B.M., instructor of trombone and euphonium

Thomas White, A.D., instructor of string bass

Emeritus Faculty

Alec Chien

Lowell Hepler

Ward Jamison