Music Major

The major program in Music leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and requires the completion of 46 semester credit hours of coursework. Music majors are required to have a GPA of at least 2.0 in departmental courses required for the Music major at graduation. No courses for the major in Music may be taken Credit/No Credit. Initial course placement is given by diagnostic exam only.


Music Performance:

12 semester hours on the student's principal instrument or voice:

  • 4 semester hours in MUSIC 110-119; and
  • 7 semester hours in MUSIC 430-MUSIC 485; and
  • 1 additional semester hour in MUSIC 110-119 or MUSIC 430-485


Placement into a Music Theory class will be determined by diagnostic exam. Students who place into MUSIC 201 must take an additional 4 semester hours of approved electives in music, excluding MUSIC 101, MUSIC 188, and MUSIC 200.

Advanced Music Courses:

4 semester hours

MUSIC 401 - Styles: Post-Tonal Music

MUSIC 580 Junior Seminar:

2 semester hours:

MUSIC 580 - Junior Seminar

Additional Information:

Students who intend to pursue graduate studies in music are strongly advised to take applied lessons and ensembles on their principal instrument during all four years at Allegheny; one or two courses in French or German; Independent Studies (MUSIC 590) in special topics in Music Theory and Music History or conducting; and, for students whose principal instrument is not a keyboard instrument, two semesters of applied piano.

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