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Senior Project: First-Generation Student Interviews

Posted on February 16, 2017 | Filed under Archive

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First-generation college students, (students whose parents do not have any post-secondary education) experience additional challenges because of their status. When compared to continuing-generation students, students with one or both parents with post-secondary education, first-generation students encounter challenges in the areas of access to college, persistence throughout college, and attainment of a degree. A major indicator of this can be seen in graduation rates where three out of five first-generation college students do not complete their education in six years.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the experiences of first-generation students at Allegheny College and identify primary areas of stress and concern at the individual level through interviews about personal experiences. This investigation will examine what resources are provided at Allegheny College to assist first-generation students with the challenges encountered while persisting throughout college, and achieve the attainment of a degree. If you are interested in participating in this investigation, please contact Arienthea Gray at for more information and to schedule an interview.