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Animal Welfare of Allegheny to Hold Supply Drive for Local Pittsburgh Rat Lover’s Club & Rescue

Posted on October 5, 2017 | Filed under Archive

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Animal Welfare of Allegheny will be holding a supply drive to benefit the Pittsburgh Rat Lover’s Club & Rescue. Due a high-scale rescue from a hoarding situation in Erie, the rescue is in need for specific supplies. There will be a collection bin placed on the second floor of the Campus Center in which to drop off donations. Here is a list of supplies that the rescue is in need of most:

1) Dry noodles (not spaghetti or any long pasta of that nature. Bowties, wheels, penne and the like)
2) Dried fruits (raisins, banana chips, craisins, etc…)
3) Just about any and every type of cereal (cheerios, unsweetened shredded wheat, and flake cereals are best, but they will also accept some sugary cereals as treats)
4) Oats
5) Crackers of almost any kind (even goldfish)
6) Pieces of soft fabric to make hammocks out of. And if anyone wants to make some of the easy hammocks where you tie two layers cloth together after cutting strips around the edges, that would greatly be appreciated! Fleece works best!
7) Monetary donations to help cover the cost of medication and gas
They do NOT need any rat block or rat food at this time. They buy in bulk, so have plenty stocked up. Supplementary food items and hammock supplies are most important at this time.
Did you know that rats are some of the most social and trainable pets? They are incredibly intelligent and form bonds with their humans like any dog or cat would! Domestic rats deserve to find their fur-ever homes, too. Please contact Chelsea Contino at if you have any questions or wish to contribute a monetary donation!