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IRB Announcements for Faculty

Posted on January 29, 2018 | Filed under Archive

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The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Allegheny College has a few announcements for this semester:
1) The proposed changes to the Common Rule that were to be implemented on January 18, 2018 have been postponed by the federal government to July 19, 2018. The IRB will also delay implementation of these changes until July.
2) If you submitted a proposal last semester, we typically asked for copies of the CITI certificates along with the application. We have streamlined the process of verifying certificates; therefore, the inclusion of certificates in the application is no longer necessary.
3) In order to maintain more efficient records, applicants will see new procedures regarding our feedback for proposals. We will now use standardized review forms and a response letter when communicating with PIs. This change does not affect the process at all, but will make record-keeping simpler.
Members of the Allegheny community can find more about the IRB and research with human participants here. Also, a friendly reminder that faculty PIs should review student proposals prior to submission. If you have any questions regarding these changes or the review process here at Allegheny, please email the IRB chair, Ryan Van Horn,