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Get Lean Six Sigma With Free Pizza: 2/6

Posted on February 4, 2018 | Filed under Archive

Details — Get Lean Six Sigma — February 6

Date: 2/6Time: 12:15 pm

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“Get Lean” Six Sigma is an interactive, hands-on demonstration with free pizza at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday, February 6, in Quigley Auditorium. Why Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma techniques are used in a variety of industries such as biotechnology, financial services, government and healthcare. College students exposed to Lean Six Sigma have a clear advantage over their peers when applying for internships and entry level jobs.

About Our Speaker: Jennifer Rothfuss ’08: Jenny is the performance improvement team coordinator for Chevron, a global integrated energy company. She’s a certified Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.
A Lean Six Sigma course will be offered at Allegheny in Fall 2018–INTDS 395 Learn to See: Lean Six Sigma–An introduction to Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools for creative problem-solving. Lean Six Sigma applies the scientific method to diagnose and solve problems in a wide variety of professional settings. Students gain experience with project management and teamwork in a research-based environment. A semester-long group project is required. Not open to first-year students.
Want to learn more? Contact Professor Rachel O’Brien, Alden Hall Room 203,