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Packages for Delivery

Posted on June 26, 2018 | Filed under Archive

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Physical Plant would like to remind staff, faculty and administration about the weight limits on packages and marking packages properly. If you receive a package at the post office and it is less than 25 pounds, then you are responsible for retrieving that package. If you receive multiple packages (at the same time and not over a few days) then Physical Plant will deliver them for you. However, if packages are being left in the post office until a few accumulate, we will not be able to guarantee their delivery. Also, please make sure to mark packages with your building’s address and a name, not just 520 North Main Street, as this creates a lot of work and confusion when trying to figure out where the packages go. Many packages marked only 520 North Main end up at Physical Plant and this can be time consuming sorting them out. We thank you for your cooperation with these efforts.