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Winter Weather Preparedness

Posted on October 8, 2019 | Filed under Archive

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Winter weather in Northwest Pennsylvania is a challenge for residents and visitors alike. We’ve developed two new resources to ensure the winter is safe and comfortable for all:
Winter Maintenance Plan
On average we receive 100 inches of snow each year. As a residential campus that houses over 1,900 students, Allegheny College rarely closes for inclement weather. Although snow and ice removal is the top priority for the Physical Plant Department during this time of year, we encourage all residents and visitors to wear appropriate footwear for the weather and to exercise caution when walking and driving throughout the campus. Our first priority is ensuring access to the campus for safety vehicles (fire lanes) as well as for delivery of services (employee parking lots). Within campus, main pedestrian routes to dining facilities, academic buildings and administration buildings are priorities. Details of our approach to specific areas of campus may be found in the Winter Maintenance Plan.
The Energy and Comfort Policy
The policy details a sound energy management strategy to balance comfort, cost and sustainability. The policy sets a campus-wide target temperature range to maintain comfort, realize budget savings and minimize our carbon footprint; details
Physical Plant’s process of assessing and correcting any issues; improves control of building temperatures during occupied and unoccupied hours; and encourages building occupants to take personal steps to enhance comfort and improve energy efficiency (ex. dress in seasonally appropriate layers and prevent drafts). Review the complete policy here.