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Global Course Connections — Call for Proposals

Posted on July 22, 2020 | Filed under General News

The Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLAA) Global Course Connections initiative is inviting proposals from faculty to match their course(s) with offerings at other GLAA institutions. Instructors of connected courses collaborate on the design of their connections (common readings, viewings, and assignments; co-created lectures, and so on), and students and instructors collaborate on its execution (shared lectures, guest lectures, joint student projects, joint student presentations, and so on). The courses can be new or adaptations of an existing course. Courses can use synchronous communication (e.g., shared class sessions, student-student video conference sessions) and/or asynchronous communication (e.g., through email, forums in a learning management system, Dropbox, Google Drive, blogs, or Facebook Group sites). Interested Allegheny faculty can view courses currently available for matching here and/or submit information about their own course(s) to be shared with other GLAA faculty here. Questions about the Global Course Connections program can be directed to Terry Bensel (