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The Art & Science of Neuromarketing: 9/15

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Details — The Art & Science of Neuromarketing — September 15

Date: 9/15Time: 11:10 am

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How do major brands know how to design their online and brick-and-mortar properties to achieve the best possible user experience? The short answer: Neuromarketing Research. On Tuesday, September 15, Dr. Gaia Rancati will welcome Dr. Maurizio Mauri to her Neuromarketing class at 11:10 a.m. for a lecture on the art and science of neuromarketing that is open to the community. Email for registration.

Considered a global authority in customer experience, Maurizio Mauri, PhD, PsyD, started his research at the “Applied Technology & Neuro-Psychology Lab”, studying emotions by means of psychophysiological measurements to develop more compelling virtual environment experiences (2001-2004).

He got his Ph.D. in “Communication and New Technologies” from IULM University of Milan (2008), applying neuro- and psychophysiological measures to detect affective states during human-computer interactions, after spending 2 years at the “Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dpt” at MIT (2005-2007). He did a post-doctorate at IULM University (2008-2012), working on a scientific model that enables to evaluate in a quantitative way the level of emotional engagement by means of neuro- & psycho-physiological reactions synchronized with eye-tracking recordings to shape optimal advertising experiences. He carried on his research (2013-2017) for the start-up of the “Behavior and Brain Lab” at IULM University as operative coordinator. He is now user experience and neuromarketing specialist at TSW, where he is now applying neuro- and psychophysiological measurements to assess user experiences both in digital and real life experiences. He is Adjunct Professor at Università degli Studi of Milan for the class of “Consumer Psychology” (2012-today), author of many scientific publications and reviewer for different scientific journals and invited speaker in several conferences.