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For Employees

Posted on October 5, 2020 | Filed under General News

The on-line Employee Directory has been updated using the new HR/Payroll Colleague System. If you use this directory, you will find that it looks somewhat different. As with all new processes, delivered information does not always look the same as we are accustomed to seeing. The basic and needed information is provided and as we continue to make our way through this new system, additional information may be added in the future. We appreciate your understanding. If you find that you need to make an update to your on-line directory information, your emergency contact information and/or your personal information (such as home address), you can access Employee Self-Service to complete the associated form(s) needed for any change you are wanting to make. The forms for these updates can be found under the menu item either “Employment/Employee” or “User Options.” A couple of things to keep in mind: 1) if you are changing your emergency contact information, we encourage you to include the individual’s email address in the address field as opposed to their full address. This is only encouraged, not required. And, 2) for all current employees, as we transition from Employee Navigator to Employee Self-Service, updates to this particular information no longer needs to be made through Employee Navigator