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Suggestions for Managing Phones Over Vacation and Furlough

Posted on December 16, 2020 | Filed under General News

So that LITS can provide appropriate support to employees on furlough or vacation, we encourage employees to consider how they want to manage their office phones well in advance of their expected absence. Given the potential number of requests and the time required for LITS to manage more complex requests, we cannot promise to complete without several days notice.
We ask that the community consider these three options:
1. Change your outgoing voicemail greeting to indicate you are out. This can be done off-campus, and we strongly recommend this solution. Your voicemail can include a suggested alternative number for those callers needing an immediate response.
2. Go to your office and follow these steps to forward your line to another number.
3. Put in a ticket and LITS will set up forwarding of your line to another line in your office or to a colleague’s extension. Please allow at least 3 business days to process your request. We request that this option be reserved for phones that handle all incoming calls for a department, such as those of office managers.

Things to remember:
* Voicemail notifications can be sent to your email (and in most cases, already are). Setting up forwarding from your desk phone will still permit this to work.
* You also have the option of retrieving voicemail messages remotely .
* Forwarding to a personal cell or home phone is not recommended for anyone who will be taking furlough, as there is no way to know whether the forwarded call is being forwarded from work, and employees on furlough should not be answering work calls.
* Unless unavoidable, please refrain from requests for multiple changes to call forwarding and voicemail settings.