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Transition from WebAdvisor to Self-Service

Posted on January 13, 2021 | Filed under General News

We continue to transition functionality from WebAdvisor to Self-Service. At this point, more functionality is available in Self-Service than in WebAdvisor, so it’s the right time to use Self-Service as the entry point instead of WebAdvisor. The link at the top of My Allegheny has changed from WebAdvisor to Self-Service, and LITS encourages you to access Self-Service for things you may have previously accessed through WebAdvisor. If the function is still only available in WebAdvisor, there is a link within Self-Service to take you back to WebAdvisor. The menus along the left side of the Self-Service page will have those links. Plans to transition the remaining WebAdvisor interfaces to Self-Service are underway.