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Register to Vote by 10/18

Posted on October 7, 2021 | Filed under Archive

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The deadline to register to vote in Meadville is fast approaching! If you would like to register to vote in all local, statewide, and federal elections, you can find the application to do so here. If you would like to be able to vote in the November 2nd election, your application needs to be submitted by Monday, October 18th. The application only takes a few minutes. You will need EITHER a Pennsylvania state-issued ID or the last 4 digits of your social security number. To register at your Allegheny address, use the address of your residence hall listed below:

Commons – 326-340 Jefferson Street OR 500-512 Limber Street (varies between residents)

Allegheny Hall – 404 Allegheny Street

Baldwin – 474 North Main Street

Brooks (+ Hulings) – 517 Park Avenue

Caflisch – 469 North Main Street

College Court – 510 Highland Avenue

Crawford – 461 Highland Avenue

Delta Tau Delta – 461 Highland Avenue

Edwards – 535 Highland Avenue

North Village 1 (A) – 436 Highland Avenue
North Village 1(B) – 426 Highland Avenue
North Village 1 (C) – 416 Highland Avenue

North Village 2 – 421 North Main Street

Phi Kappa Psi – 430 East College Street

Ravine – 547 East College Street

Schultz – 549 Park Avenue

Theta Chi – 388 North Main Street

Walker Hall + Walker Annex – 517 Park Avenue

City: Meadville
County: Crawford
Municipality: Not required

If you think you’re registered to vote in Meadville but aren’t sure, use this link to look up your registration. If you have any issues with the form or additional questions, contact Aubrey Hall at