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For Employees: Institutionally Recognized Name Policy

Posted on May 30, 2022 | Filed under Archive

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The Institutionally Recognized Name Policy at Allegheny College supports employees seeking to be recognized by a different name other than their legal name.

We also believe that empowering employees with the option to be recognized by another name contributes to a safe and non-discriminatory college experience. Reasons for name changes may include transgender or gender non-conforming identities, those who wish to adopt an English language name, those who are known by names that are different from their legal names, or those who have popular names who wish to use a different name. Please note that some records may require the use of legal names only, such as federal and medical documentation.

Employees who submit an institutionally recognized name will receive a new email address that utilizes their institutionally recognized name’s first initial. If changing from a pre-existing Allegheny email address, all files and correspondence from your previous address is transferred to your new one, and your previous address becomes an alias to your new one. This means that all correspondence sent to your previous email address will be automatically forwarded to your new one.

In addition to a change in name, your institutionally recognized name will show up in the Google Suite, employee directory, class rosters, advisor/advisee lists, reports, and other locations where legal name is not required. Human Resources will continue to use the employee’s legal name as required by law.

Paper mail sent to the permanent address will also be addressed to your institutionally recognized name, unless it contains a document/information where legal name is required (e.g. tax information).

For employees who would like to use an Institutionally Recognized Name, please complete this form. PLEASE NOTE: this is a new policy. Even if you see what you feel is your chosen name appearing in various records, you still need to complete this form so that the database reflects the change accurately and updates are made consistent to what has been communicated.

Legal Names:
In order to change the name on your official college records such as tax and employment records, you must legally change your name. A legal name change is recognized by submitting an updated social security card.

Allegheny College will display institutionally recognized name to the college community where feasible and appropriate, and it will make a good faith effort to update the reports, documents and systems designated to use chosen names. Inappropriate use of the chosen name policy, including but not limited to avoiding legal obligation or misrepresentation, may be cause for denying use of chosen names. Allegheny College reserves the right to remove any chosen name that is deemed inappropriate.