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The Politics of Pleasure: 9/20

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Details — The Politics of Pleasure — September 20

Date: 9/20Time: 2 pm

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The Politics of Pleasure: Live Webinar Broadcast followed by Discussion

We will stream the webinar (2-3PM), and then hold our own local discussion of the ideas and their implications (until 3:30PM). Join us on Tuesday, Sept. 20, in Campus Center 206.

“As an environmental and denuclearization activist, [Kate] Soper noticed a worrisome pattern: efforts to green the economy often sound like calls for making do with less and giving up modern pleasures. To Soper, this gets it exactly wrong. [S]he argues…for an “alternative hedonism” that sees “post-growth living” as an opportunity for greater pleasure, not less.”
“Modern life is immiserating, sickening, isolating, and exhausting, Soper contends, creating desires that consumption can never fulfill. Designing simpler ways of living—built around local community and abundant free time—could make us happier and healthier while giving our overextended planet a new lease on life.”

Kate Soper (Emerita Professor of Philosophy at London Metropolitan University)
Lynne Segal (Emerita Anniversary Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies)
Organized by The Boston Review and The Philosopher.