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Online Training Clarification

Posted on June 10, 2024 | Filed under General News

Thank you for your continuing participation and attention to the training assignments throughout the year. The College conducts online trainings not only to provide a safe campus environment, but also in order to remain compliant with various federal regulations, avoid fees, and receive significant insurance discounts. This all allows us to maintain budget goals while keeping everyone on campus safe and knowledgeable.

There are two platforms through which your training is assigned:

1. Safety Training — Oswald (Succeed Management Solutions):

  • Who: Overseen by the Allegheny College Safety Committee, assignments are made based on department and position responsibilities.
  • Why: Safety training is mandated by OSHA and our insurance broker. Participation enables Allegheny to remain compliant with various federal regulations, avoid fees, and receive insurance discounts.
  • How: Emails are from Allegheny College Safety Committee <> with the subject line, “Allegheny College Assigned Safety Training Tasks.” These emails contain a login link and your credentials. The annual safety training for 2024 has been assigned; if you haven’t accessed the email, please check your inbox or spam folder. You may also find a login link on the Safety Committee website or contact Tracey Olenick for login assistance.

2. Cyber Security Training — KnowBe4:

  • Who: Overseen by Allegheny’s Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Why: Cyber Security training is an audit requirement of Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) for all community members with an Allegheny email address (excluding students). Participation enables Allegheny to continue to distribute over $12M in Title IX funding.
  • How: Emails are from Allegheny College ITS <> with the subject line of  “You’ve been enrolled in security training from KnowBe4.” Always approach the training with a focus on the concepts being shared; training scenarios are provided as examples.

The Information Technology Services and the Safety Committee thank you for your continued support and participation in keeping Allegheny safe and in the know!