George Roland, On Display

George Roland. Quadpainter. still from computational art. dimensions variable. copyright George Roland, 2013.

Professor of Art George Roland had a work of computational art accepted for exhibition in the 102nd Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Annual Exhibition, April 21–June 23, held in the Heinz Galleries of the Carnegie Museum of Art. This year’s exhibition was selected by David Norr, chief curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland.

Roland’s work was constructed through a computer program he developed using the Processing language. The program creates the images in real time, not by video or recording. As the program runs, the images appear as a rigid grid, vibrate, and then become a looser, more fluid structure.

Inspiration for the piece came from Roland’s desire to take static structures and give them the ability to perform flowing and organic movements.

“It is a singular honor to have my work represented at the Carnegie Museum of Art,” Roland says.