NEA Grant Will Fund Community Arts Project in Conneaut Lake

Conneaut Lake Borough, in collaboration with the Art & Environment Initiative, has received $75,000 from the Our Town Program of the National Endowment for the Arts. Professor of Art Amara Geffen will serve as the lead artist working in collaboration with Conneaut Lake residents and Artist-in-Residence Steve Prince, Ceramics and Sculpture Technician Ian Thomas, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts/Theatre Emily Yochim, and an Allegheny College student who will serve as an art apprentice during summer 2015. “Fostering Livability through Art, Nature and Culture” will involve two community arts engagement events for both year-round and summer residents at the lake. These events will be used to gather community stories and images, which will be integrated into design and implementation of a public art trail connecting Ice House Park and the central downtown business district to Fireman’s Beach. The grant provides funding for the arts-engagement events, a series of public sculptures that may feature opportunities to listen to/view some of the community stories, and a fully engineered and comprehensive design plan for completing the public art trail.