International Club hosts multicultural dinner

Risa Kondo, ‘18, wore a traditional Japanese yukata, representing one of five countries in the fashion show during the International Dinner on Nov. 23. Photo by Amasa Smith.

By Meaghan Wilby, Staff Writer
December 4, 2014
The Campus

On Nov. 23, Allegheny’s International Club hosted its annual International Dinner in Schultz Banquet Hall. The event was attended by international and domestic students, as well as faculty, their families and members of the Meadville community. Tickets for the event sold out by Nov. 19. In total there were 250 people in attendance.

Of these 250 people, 90 were volunteers who either helped prepare the dishes for the dinner, or who participated in the fashion show or performances that provided the entertainment. Most of these volunteers were international students who worked in groups to cook traditional meals from their cultures.

Sixteen dishes represented Vietnam, Greece, Japan, China, Brazil, Germany, Morocco, El Salvador, Sudan, Spain, Philippines and Portugal. The recipes for each dish were provided by students who acted as the head chefs for their dish. Some of the meals required preparation spanning both Saturday and Sunday.

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