Professor Researches Issues of Pollution in China from Export Industry

By Meaghan Wilby, Junior Science/International Editor
The Campus
February 5, 2015

Jialu Liu Streeter, assistant professor of economics

Assistant professor of economics Jialu Liu Streeter is currently conducting research on the environmental cost of China’s international trade. According to Streeter, her research aims to connect international trade with environmental economics, and is focusing on trying to understand how much of the current pollution in China is caused by production in the export industry.

“China enjoys large trade surplus and an increasing amount of foreign exchange reserves. However, there’s a cost to be paid. All the production processes need energy, labor, and raw material, and many emit hazardous pollutants to the air and water,” said Streeter. “My goals are to gain a quantitative understanding of the impact of international trade on China’s environmental degradation, and to think about policies that could potentially ameliorate the situation.”

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